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Early College Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply?
Any Millard student who will be entering 9th grade.

I have already completed 9th grade, may I participate? 
Millard students entering 10th, 11th, or 12th grade may be accepted on a space available basis.  These students may need to take courses at Metropolitan Community College independently to complete the Associate of Arts Degree requirements.
How do I apply?
Complete the application available on the Early College webpage or from your school counselor. 
Where is the Early College located?
The Early College Program will be located at Millard South High.  Students who are accepted will need to transfer to Millard South.
Is there a cost to participate?
Students will pay one half of the reduced rate tuition.  The Millard Public Schools Foundation will pay the remaining half of the reduced rate tuition at Metropolitan Community College.  The reduced rate tuition will be $32.00 per course for 2017-2018. This rate is subject to change by the Metropolitan Community College Board of Governors.
What courses will I be required to complete?
Please refer to the 2017-2018 High School Curriculum Handbook and Registration Guide or the Millard Early College webpage at:  https://sites.google.com/a/mpsomaha.org/mps/curriculum/early-college-program
Will I be required to complete any additional courses?
Students who enter Early College in 9th grade will not be required to take additional courses to fulfill Millard Graduation requirements or Associate of Arts Degree requirements if they follow the recommended four-year plan.
If I participate in Early College, will I be able to take Advanced Placement courses?
Yes, Early College participants may elect to take Advanced Placement courses.  In cases where the Advanced Placement course is required to fulfill the Associate’s Degree requirements, students may elect to earn dual credit at either Metropolitan Community College or University of Nebraska at Omaha. 
What are my options if I discover the Early College is not for me?
Application to Early College should be considered a commitment through graduation.  However, if your goals change, see your high school counselor.  Once a student dual enrolls in a course, a permanent college transcript is created.
If I transfer from another Millard high school to Millard South, will transportation be provided?
Transportation will not be provided for students who transfer to Millard South to participate in Early College. “Transportation for students who transfer within the District must be provided by the student’s parents or legal guardian unless as otherwise required by law.”  Policy 5110.1
How does successful completion of an Associate of Arts Degree impact entrance into a Bachelor Degree granting college? 
Students transferring from Metropolitan Community College with an Associate of Arts Degree completed after 2010 will have fulfilled the University of Nebraska at Omaha (UNO) general education requirements for a Bachelor of Arts Degree. See the UNO transfer website for additional information. www.unomaha.edu/admissions/undergraduate/transfer.php#c
Will the Associate of Arts Degree transfer to other colleges or universities?
Each college and university has unique transfer policies.  Students should check with the institution(s) they may want to attend.


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