Early Entrance Information

If your child turns five years-old between August 1st and October 15th, they may be eligible to apply for early entrance to attend Kindergarten in Millard Public Schools. 

As part of the process of determining your child's eligibility for Early Entrance to Kindergarten, a series of assessments will be conducted.  These assessments will help gather information concerning your child's general information, reasoning skills, adaptive skills, and visual motor skills.

The results of the evaluation will be discussed with you and a written summary will be provided.  If your child meets Early Entrance requirements based on Board Policy and Rule, information will be shared with receiving school personnel.

Please see Millard Public Schools Board Policy 5100.2 Student Services and Rule:  Enrollment of Students - Kindergarten Age, Proof of Identity, Physical Examination and Immunization, and Instructional Level Placement for required assessment procedures and processes for early entrance.

Procedures and Application for Early Kindergarten Entrance Assessment

It is recommended to have an alternative plan in place if your child does not meet Early Entrance Requirements.  If interested in one of the preschool programs available in Millard Public Schools, please visit our Preschool Enrollment Information page.

Early Entrance Parent Meetings
(one meeting required for testing)

Tuesday, July 31st from 6:30-7:30 at DSAC

Please contact the Department of Elementary Education at (402)715-8314 with any questions.
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