Elementary Curriculum

Elementary Education:  Our Schools

Welcome to Elementary Curriculum!  

When you walk into a Millard Public Schools elementary classroom, you will see students participating in a challenging, developmentally appropriate education, enriched by the unique experiences that occur in each classroom and with each teacher. 

Developing positive relationships is foundational to the learning environment.  Students will engage in critical thinking and problem-solving, creativity and innovation, collaboration and teamwork, and citizenship and personal responsibility.

We believe:

Each individual has worth.

Individuals are responsible for their actions.

Our greatest resource is people.

Diversity enriches life.

All people can learn.

High expectations promote higher achievement.

Achievement builds self-esteem; self-esteem promotes achievement.

Shaping and developing character is the shared responsibility of the individual, family, school, and community.

All people are entitled to a safe, caring, and respectful environment.

Responsible risk-taking is essential for growth.

Educated and engaged citizens are necessary to sustain our democratic society.

All schools are accountable to the community.

Public education benefits the entire community and is the shared responsibility of all.

Excellence is worth the investment.

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