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How can YOU have a positive impact on your community while helping others?  How can YOU develop leadership skills beyond the classroom? 
These questions lead to one answer….service learning.  As a middle school or high school student, you have the opportunity of participating and reflecting on service learning and the impact it has on the world around you in all your required social studies courses. 
It is time to take what you are learning in the classroom and expand your world! 
“Every individual matters. Every individual has a role to play. Every individual makes a difference. And we have a choice: What sort of difference do we want to make?” ~Jane Goodall

This Is How It Works: 

You will experience service learning throughout your school experience.  In addition, you may participate in service learning independently or as a member of a community group.
  • As an elementary student, service learning takes place in classroom or school-wide service learning projects.
  • As a middle school student, service learning occurs in your classroom, within your grade level teams, and in school or community activities.
  • As a high school student, you participate in independent service learning opportunities, as well as service learning associated with your classes and school or community activities.

ALL these experiences bring new perspectives to your learning, enhance what you are learning in the classroom, and promote life-long success!    

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