Elementary Special Education Services Kindergarten - Grade 5
Special Education services are provided at each elementary school.  Millard Public Schools provides a full continuum of services for students with special needs at the elementary level.

Resource Services

Students with special needs who are assigned to a general education classroom and spend most of their day in that setting can be provided services through the Resource Program.  Supports and services are provided in identified areas on students’ IEPs and can be implemented by the special education teacher, the general education teacher, or a paraprofessional in either the general education classroom or a small group setting.

Behavior Programs

Some students with challenges in the area of behavior may benefit from more intensive services.  Structured Behavior Skills programs are available at various elementary sites within the District and provide a lower student to staff ratio, individualized behavior modification programs, and instruction in the general education curriculum in a small group setting.  IEP teams determine placement in this specialized setting and students have frequent opportunities to participate with general education peers at their assigned building. 

Alternate Curriculum Programs

Students can be placed in an Alternate Curriculum Program (ACP) when the pace and content of a general education curriculum even with accommodations and modifications becomes too rigorous.  Programs are located at cluster site schools throughout the District.  IEP teams determine a student’s eligibility for this program.  Some features of an ACP classroom are individualized instruction based on student’s ability level, smaller class sizes, and increased support throughout the school day.  Students are assigned to a special education classroom; however, there are frequent opportunities to participate with students without disabilities in general education classes and enrichment settings throughout the day. 

Related Services

Related services are support services identified to assist students with special needs in order to benefit from their special education program.  In Millard Public Schools, these services can include speech/language services, physical and occupational therapy, adaptive physical education, vision services, audiological services, and assistive technology.  IEP teams determine eligibility for related services based on individual student needs.

Autism Consultation

Millard Public Schools provides autism consultation to staff and families of identified students with Autism.  This  service supports students in various settings throughout the District.  The consultation includes assistance with development and implementation of the IEP for students with Autism. 

For additional information contact Carrie Novtony-Buss, Coordinator of Elementary Special Education Programs, at 402-715-8302.       

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