Community Focus Group


Community Focus Group

The Special Education Community Focus Group consists of parent representatives and special education staff.  An attempt is made to balance the group so that there is broad representation with individuals from each high school feeder area (North, South, West), disability areas, and grade levels (below-age-five, elementary school, middle school, high school, & young adult transition program).  

The vision for the group is that by working collaboratively together we can inform the education of our students with disabilities so that they can maximize their potential.  

The Special Education Community Focus Group holds four committee meetings and engages in two parent meetings/trainings each school year.  The meetings focus on items which have district-wide implications. The focus group does not discuss issues related to an individual student.  Those issues should be resolved through the IEP Team process and building administration.

Community Focus Group 2018-2019 Meetings
September 11th Committee Meeting Agenda Minutes  October 23rd Parent Meeting/Training Agenda Input Themes
 November 6th Committee Meeting Agenda MinutesJanuary 29th Committee Meeting Agenda Minutes 
 March 5th Parent Training Showcase Participants  April 16th Committee Meeting Agenda Minutes  
  Community Focus Group 2018-2019 Members
 Amanda Fry-Meyers Courtney Saylan
 Aaron & Sarah Miller Stacy Falker
 Bernie & Janet King Kim Stoneburner
 Anna Clausen Sherri Watson
 Mary Pat O'Callaghan Mike Freel
 Heidi Sommer Karen Myers
 Jean Ubbelohde Carrie Novotny-Buss
 Ted Esser Hayley Mentzer
 Terry Houlton 

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