Strategic Planning - the means by which a community continuously creates systems to serve extraordinary purpose.

The District Strategic Planning process is the method by which all District needs and initiatives are monitored and evaluated. The Strategic Planning Team consists of 25 to 30 people who collectively reflect all the values and perspectives of the District. The team is made up of board members, administrators, teachers, other staff, community members, parents and students. After collecting data regarding the District’s distinctive characteristics, needs, programs, and financial standing, the Planning Team is sequestered for two to three days to begin the actual planning process. During this meeting, the District beliefs, mission, strategic parameters, objectives and strategies are developed in draft form. The objectives represent the District’s commitment to achieve specific, measurable end results in terms of student success, achievement and performance. The strategies are the most important of the planning process and serve as an articulation of bold initiatives through which the District will deploy its resources toward the stated mission and objectives.

Action Teams are then composed for the purpose of describing how to operationalize the strategies set forth by the Strategic Planning Team. Action Teams consist of a composite group of the Millard community: administrators, teachers, parents, community leaders, and occasionally students. Action Teams also evaluate recommendations from the AdvancEd School Improvement process and Nebraska Rule 10 Framework visits and incorporate these recommendations into Specific Results and Action Steps for implementation.

After 3-4 months of action research, the Planning Team reconvenes to approve of the Action Plans which are then assigned to appropriate divisions. The Action Plans are regularly reviewed and progress is noted. The process is cyclical, with a full re-write occurring every five years and formal update sessions occurring on a bi-annual basis.

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