Strategies are intended to close the strategic gap between our baseline data (where we are now) and our mission (where we want to be).

Action Plans are the roadmap for how to get there.

Strategy #1: We will address financial challenges facing our district in order for us to achieve our mission and objectives.

  • Evaluate the merit of a bond issue.

  • Maximize the use of energy efficient technology to help address the financial challenges.

  • Provide wellness programs and incentives to covered individual for actions that may result in lower health cost for the District.

  • Optimize technology opportunities to minimize financial costs to Millard Public Schools.

Strategy #2: We will develop and implement plans utilizing instructional best practices, formative and summative assessments, and student data designed to ensure that all students are college and career ready.

  • Incorporate the Common Core State Standards into the Millard Public Schools curriculum standards and indicators through the Millard Education Program Cycle Procedures.

  • Incorporate the Nebraska Standards for Career Ready Practice: Preparation for College and Career into Millard Public Schools PK-12 curriculum, assessment, and instructional models.

  • Implement a district-wide, teacher-developed, common formative assessment system where data analysis informs instruction ensuring all students achieve their maximum growth as learners.

  • Modify the existing high stakes assessment system to measure and ensure growth toward and credentialing of college and career readiness for all students.

  • Examine demographic trends and develop strategies to address the unique needs of each student.

  • Expand use of and access to interactive tools and technology to support and improve PK-12 learning and innovation.


Strategy #3: We will develop and implement programs in cooperation with families and community that develop the character traits that reflect positive social behavior and responsible citizenship.

  • Each school will establish a student behavior skills education program utilizing the site planning and/or school improvement process.

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