MPS Awarded Everfi Champion Seal


Millard Public Schools has earned the EVERFI Champion Seal, which is awarded annually to North American school districts that have  made an outstanding commitment to whole-child education. Millard Public Schools partnered with EVERFI to implement eight key programs, helping ensure that 5,500+ students were prepared for success in life.


We are honored to be one of the fewer than five percent of districts across the nation to earn the EVERFI Student Impact Champion designation. The recognition acknowledges our dedication to transformational change in the interest of equity and the well-being of all students. 


This accolade is provided by EVERFI, a digital education organization focused on helping educators address the most challenging issues affecting society, ranging from  financial literacy and social-emotional learning to health and wellness and college and career readiness. 


EVERFI empowers educators to bring real-world learning into the classroom and equip students with the skills they need for success–now and in the future.


Our educators are dedicated to providing a whole child education because we know that it not only impacts how healthy and productive students are during their time within Millard Public Schools, but also their well-being and success far beyond the K-12 years.


To learn more about the EVERFI Champion Seal, visit https://everfi.com/k-12/champion-seal/