4400.2: Salary Recommendations - Teacher and Nurse Placements

The following Rules apply to certificated employees who are paid according to the Teacher's or Nurse’s Negotiated Agreement:

I. Teachers and nurses employed 90 consecutive full days or more in the same position shall be compensated on the salary schedule according to the proportion of time they are assigned, and the District shall provide fringe benefits stipulated in the collective bargaining agreement. 

II. Employment for 90 days shall not include those days during which the teacher or nurse serves as a substitute for a regular employee who is on a temporary paid or unpaid leave of absence.

Date of Adoption
August 7, 1978
Date of Revision
May 6, 1985
August 16, 1993
July 1, 1996
August 4, 1997
March 15, 1999
March 20, 2000
January 22, 2001
February 4, 2002
June 3, 2002
May 16, 2005
November 2, 2015
November 17, 2008