4137.1: Job Sharing - Teachers

4137.1: Job Sharing - Teachers holly Tue, 07/02/2019 - 14:45

Job sharing involves two certificated individuals sharing responsibilities of one full-time teaching position. Millard Public Schools may provide the option of job sharing when it is deemed to be beneficial to the education of students and the school district and shall be implemented as follows:

1. Job share applicants must be permanent certificated staff employed by the Millard Public Schools at the time the job sharing commences.

2. Job sharing applications are voluntary and self-nominated. Individuals interested in job sharing must submit a job share application to the building administrator not less than 90 days prior to the commencement of the job share. The building administrator shall meet with the members of the job-share team for the purpose of reviewing the proposed daily/weekly/annual work schedule and shall approve of such proposed schedule prior to submission to the Superintendent or Designee. The schedule must be in writing and must be attached to the application. After reviewing the application, the schedule and this rule with the applicants, the building administrator shall forward the application, along with a recommendation for approval or denial, to the Superintendent or designee for consideration and approval or denial. The decision to approve or deny any job share request shall be in the sole discretion of the Superintendent or Designee and the denial by the Superintendent or Designee of any such request for any reason shall not be an abuse of discretion and shall not be subject to a grievance or review.

3. Each job share employee shall receive compensation and benefits as a part-time employee in accordance with the applicable negotiated agreement and Board policy. A job-share teacher will receive credit for teaching experience pursuant to the negotiated agreement and applicable state law.

4. Each job share employee shall participate in all fall workshops, parent-teacher conferences and District staff development programs or meetings. At least one job share team member from each job share team shall attend all staff meetings and building staff development and such attendance shall be shared equally by each team member. No additional compensation will be provided for these duties.

5. In the event that one member of the job share team is unable or fails to report to work, pursuant to the approved schedule, the other job share teacher will substitute and perform the assigned duties for no additional compensation. Paid leave, including sick leave, bereavement leave, personal leave, or paid family medical leave, may not be used by the job share members during the term of the job share. All leaves will be unpaid during the term of the job share. The job share team shall, with the approval of the building Administrator, adjust the schedule to accommodate the scheduling needs of each of the job share members as necessary. It shall be the responsibility of the job share team to track the work days of any adjusted work schedule and to agree to an equitable time or assignment adjustment on or before the conclusion of the school year. In the event the job share team is unable or refuses to agree on an equitable time settlement, the job share team shall be dissolved and the Superintendent, or Designee, shall determine such equitable time settlement and such determination shall be final and binding on the job share team members. Job share teachers shall be credited for the accumulation of sick leave based upon the percentage of FTE of their job share for each year, and shall be permitted to accumulate such sick leave for future use; but the job share teachers shall not be entitled to use any paid sick leave during the term of the job share agreement.

6. Job share teams shall meet and confer with all interested parents before the school year/ semester regarding job sharing, schedules and division of duties and to address any questions or concerns of such parents. Interested parents are those whose children will be students of the job-share team.

7. Job sharing arrangements will be reviewed by the principal and the Superintendent or Designee a minimum of once each year; however, they may be reviewed more frequently should the need arise. A job share agreement shall not be deemed continuing and shall be limited to one school year and shall automatically terminate at the conclusion of the school year. Job share teams must request to continue the job share arrangement by reapplying each year as provided herein. Continuation of the Job Share shall be at the sole discretion of the Superintendent or Designee and such decision shall not be subject to a grievance or review.

8. Each job share employee’s contract will be amended to 0.5 FTE prior to the commencement of the contract period of the job sharing. Job sharing employees who wish to return to full-time positions shall notify the Superintendent or Designee in writing prior to February 1st and follow the School District’s procedures for applying for posted positions. A return to full-time employment (1.0 FTE) status is not guaranteed.

9. If one job sharing partner is removed, dismissed, resigns, or otherwise is separated from service, the remaining job-share teacher must:
a. assume the role on a full-time basis; or 

b. find another job-share partner (with approval of the District); or
c. apply for and be selected to fill another part-time position in the District (if available and approved by the District); or
d. resign.

10. The Superintendent or designee shall be responsible for reviewing, evaluating and recommending all guidelines that pertain to job sharing.

11. The Superintendent in his/her sole discretion may discontinue the use of any job-share team at any time and such decision shall not be an abuse of discretion and shall not be subject to grievance or review. In the event that the Superintendent discontinues the use of any job-share team, the job-share team members shall: a. accept either the part-time (0.5 FTE) or full-time (1.0 FTE) teaching assignment offered by the District; or
b. resign.

Date of Adoption
February 21, 2000
Date of Revision
May 2, 2005
September 17, 2018