4165.1: Resignation/Separation - Non-Certificated Staff

4165.1: Resignation/Separation - Non-Certificated Staff holly Tue, 07/09/2019 - 14:21

I. Non-certificated employees who wish to resign should notify the Human Resources Office in writing. A minimum notice of two weeks is requested. Resignations are effective upon acceptance by the Superintendent or his/her designee, except that a resignation which requires a release from an employment contract is not effective until approved by the Board. Employees are discouraged from resigning during the school year due to the potential adverse effect upon students and the educational process.

II. Procedures for the dismissal of non-certificated employees are governed by Board Policies & Rules, or any applicable contractual or collective bargaining agreement provisions. The District reserves the right to dismiss a noncertificated employee with or without cause subject to applicable contractual or collective bargaining agreement provisions.

Date of Adoption
October 7, 1974‚Äč
Date of Revision
March 20, 1989
August 3, 1992
November 15, 1999
June 4, 2007
October 7, 2013
September 16, 2019