4300.2: Professional Learning

4300.2: Professional Learning holly Tue, 07/09/2019 - 15:47

The purpose of professional learning is to maximize staff potential, to impact student achievement, and to improve the operations of the District.  Comprehensive professional learning includes both training and professional development.  


Training is a learning experience to acquire specific skills (job target) or to meet legal requirements.   

Professional development is a continual and comprehensive learning experience to help staff improve their effectiveness as professionals.

Delivery Models


Delivery models will include but not be limited to face to face workshops or an on-line learning management system.  Comprehensive professional learning will ensure staff members are offered training opportunities to improve job performance and workplace engagement.

Professional Development

Professional development will be offered for all staff in a variety of delivery methods including but not limited to, internally and externally offered face to face and on-line courses, workshops, institutes, networks, and conferences through individual, small group or large group settings. Job embedded professional development is also included in, but not limited to, professional learning communities, coaching, and instructional rounds for staff in the District.


Comprehensive professional learning will support the District strategic plan and building site plans in a systemic manner.

Comprehensive professional learning will support the effective implementation of the Millard Instructional Model and Select Staff Indicators to support the growth of all educators.

Comprehensive professional learning will support the effective implementation of the Millard Leadership Framework to support the growth of all supervisors, administrators and teacher leaders through continual leadership development.

Comprehensive professional learning will respond to the requirements in law and other local, state and federal mandates.  


Comprehensive professional learning will use student and staff data and a collaborative method in planning, creating, and providing short term and long term professional development and training.  Input and support will be gathered from representatives of all stakeholders.


It is the responsibility of the District to provide professional learning opportunities in the form of training and professional development that assist employees in carrying out the responsibilities of their jobs.  It is the responsibility of all employees to be continuously engaged in their professional growth and apply their learnings to improve their job performance.  It is the responsibility of each supervisor to ensure and promote professional learning so that all staff members engage in continuous improvement.


The comprehensive professional learning program will be continuously evaluated in order to determine the greatest possible educational benefits are being achieved.

Date of Adoption
December 19, 2011
Date of Revision
December 7, 2015
September 26, 2022