6220: Taught Curriculum - Organization of Instruction

6220: Taught Curriculum - Organization of Instruction holly Mon, 07/15/2019 - 15:14

The Millard Board of Education is responsible for public education in the Millard Public School District. This public education responsibility includes:

a) K-12 general education, and

b) Programming for birth to age 21 special education

The Board may elect to provide the educational programs for the general pre-school student population, adults and other supplemental educational programs as provided by law.

The grouping and housing of instructional levels in school facilities throughout the district, and the administration of the instructional program will be according to plans developed by the Superintendent and the administrative staff and approved by the Board.

Date of Adoption
July 20, 1992
Date of Revision
November 10, 1997
May 17, 1999
December 5, 2005
March 5, 2012
September 4, 2018