6660: Problem Solving Process

6660: Problem Solving Process holly Fri, 07/19/2019 - 11:07


All District schools, PK-12, shall use a consistent and collaborative problem solving and intervention model called Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS). This process is designed to assist teachers in developing problem solving and intervention strategies, and when necessary, recommend other appropriate District resources to ensure the success of students in school. 

The District will develop written procedures for implementation of the MTSS model and for the training of staff participating in the problem solving and intervention process for reading, mathematics, and behavior. Under the direction of the Superintendent, the administration shall establish and maintain procedures consistent with applicable federal and state statutes and regulations to govern implementation of the problem solving and intervention process. 

Date of Adoption
April 16, 2001
Date of Revision
December 4, 2006
May 21, 2012
August 20, 2018
June 3, 2019