6810.1: Public Access to School Materials and Documents

6810.1: Public Access to School Materials and Documents holly Mon, 07/22/2019 - 10:09

I. Any documents or other materials requested for examination will be made available during the hours and days when the offices of the school or other district facilities are open. Requests by parents or guardians to examine the materials being used or planned for use in teaching their son/daughter will be honored but, to avoid interruption of the classroom environment, parents will follow those procedures listed in items II-IV (below). Requests, other than those from parents or guardians, shall be made in writing and shall state with as much specificity, as is reasonable, a description of the documents and materials which are requested to be examined. 

II. Persons making the request will be provided facilities where the examination can be made and where the examining person or persons can make such memoranda and abstracts as may be desired. 

III. Requested copies of documents and other materials will be provided by the District subject to the following conditions: 

    A. No documents or other materials which are subject to a copyright or subject to copyright laws shall be copied; and 

    B. Requests for copies shall be submitted on forms provided by the District. The District will provide the copies within a reasonable time and       whenever the work required to make the copies does not interfere with the ordinary transaction of the business of the District or interfere with the     conduct of the District’s educational programs. 

IV. When the District provides copies of documents or other materials, the copies will be provided if the person making the request agrees to pay the District the charges established for providing copies. Charges will be a reasonable estimate of the cost of the materials, and employees’ time in making the copies and a reasonable charge for the use of the copying machine or machines. The charges will be established from time to time and the person or persons making the request shall be notified of the charges at the time the request to the District is made.

Date of Adoption
March 7, 1994
Date of Revision
September 13, 1999
February 4, 2019
April 13, 1998
November 6, 2006
November 5, 2012