9370: Minutes

9370: Minutes holly Mon, 07/22/2019 - 14:59


The minutes of the meetings of the Board shall include:

a. The classification (regular, adjourned, closed, emergency, or special), date, and place of meeting.

b. The call to order stating time, person presiding, and office.

c. The record of the roll call of Board members.

d. A notation of the presence or absence of the Superintendent. A notation of other staff members and others present if the persons will participate in the meeting.

e. A record of any corrections to the minutes of the previous meetings and the action approving them.

f. A record of all communications presented to the Board.

g. A record of the hearing of all petitions of citizens.

h. A record of any reports of Board members or staff members.

i. A record of each motion placed before the Board including the member making the motion and the member seconding, if any. The ayes and nays shall be recorded by name for each Board member present.

j. Special marking to indicate policy matters.

k. The manner in which the advance publicized notice of the time and place of each meeting was given.

l. The substance of all matters discussed.

m. A record of how each Board member voted on any action taken on any question or motion duly moved and seconded. The minutes shall also record if the Board member was absent or not 

n. The total number of votes for each candidate for each Board officership.

If the Board votes to hold a closed session, the minutes shall record the vote of each Board member on the question of holding a closed session, the entire motion for the closed session, and the time when the closed session commenced and concluded. If a Board member challenges the continuation of a closed session on the grounds that the session has exceeded the reason stated in the original motion to hold a closed session or if the member contends that the closed session is neither clearly necessary for (a) the protection of the public interest or (b) the prevention of needless injury to the reputation of an individual, the challenge and its disposition by the Board shall be recorded in the minutes.

When it is necessary to hold an emergency meeting without reasonable advance public notice, the nature of the emergency shall be stated in the minutes. Complete minutes of such emergency meetings specifying the nature of the emergency and any formal action taken at the meeting shall be made available to the public by no later than the end of the next regular business day.

The minutes shall be permanently filed and indexed for reference purposes. The minutes of all meetings and the evidence and documentation received or disclosed in open session shall be public records and open to public inspection during normal business hours. Minutes shall be written and available for inspection within ten working days or prior to the next convened meeting, whichever occurs earlier.

All reports requiring Board action, resolutions, agreements, and other written documents shall be made a part of the minutes by reference, and shall be placed in the District as a permanent record subject to state law.

Date of Adoption
March 18, 1991
Date of Revision
June 16, 2003
April 16, 2012