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1 - Aetna Health App & New Member Set Up - How To Find and compare services (Consumerism)
• Search for facilities, procedures or medications
• Find in-network providers accepting new patients
• Estimate and compare costs
* Manage benefits
• Access your medical ID card whenever you need it
• Track spending and progress toward deductibles
• View and pay your claims
1 - Aetna Log In Link Aetna Customer Service 1.888.751.4027 and choose the concierge option. Print your ID card, view EOBs, find an in-network provider, compare costs and much more. (Consumerism)
2020 Aenta - SBC - Summary of benefits coverage for the standard high deductible broad network health plan 2020 Summary of benefits coverage for the standard high deductible broad network health plan
MPS 2020 SBC Aetna Choice® POS II HDHP
2020 Benefits Open Enrollment
2020 Aetna - SBC - Summary of benefits coverage for the CHI high deductible health plan 2020 Summary of benefits coverage for the CHI high deductible health plan
MPS 2020 SBC Aetna Choice POS II HDHP CHI
2020 Benefits Open Enrollment
2020 Aetna - SBC - Summary of benefits coverage for the NHN high deductible health plan 2020 Summary of benefits coverage for the NHN high deductible health plan
MPS 2020 SBC Aetna Choice POS II HDHP NHN
2020 Benefits Open Enrollment
2020 Aetna - SBC - Summary of benefits coverage for the traditional broad network health plan 2020 Summary of benefits coverage for the traditional broad network health plan
MPS 2020 SBC Aetna Choice POS II Traditional PPO $1050
2020 Benefits Open Enrollment
2020 Significant legislation impacting 403(b)/457(b) plans The Coronavirus, Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act, also known as the CARES Act, relieves some
restrictions around withdrawals, loans, and a waiver of Required Minimum Distributions for 2020.
403(b) How Can I Participate?
403(b) Instructions It is necessary to contact Omni for all your 403b/457 needs. You may contact Omni by visiting their website at or by phone at 1.877.544.6664. Omni administers 403(b) accounts for Millard Public Schools employees.
403(b) Need Help? Link to
403(b) Payroll Form
403(b) Universal Availability Notice How Can I Participate?
Prior to contributing you must open an account with an investment provider participating in the Plan, a list of which is available on this form. You may then complete a Salary Reduction Agreement (SRA) online at
? Have I Completed the Wellness Program Requirements? Check for completion of wellness requirements instructions.
How do I know if I've completed the health screening for this school year?
How do I know if I've completed the health assessment/questionnaire for this school year?
Are both wellness program requirements complete?
Administrator Premiums Per Paycheck Administrator Premiums Per Paycheck - 2020
Aetna - Deciding where to go Telehealth, Personal Physician, Retail Health Clinic, Urgent Care Center or Emergency - a quick guide to help you decide where to go. (Consumerism)
Aetna - Find A CHI Doctor CHI - Instructions on how to find an in-network provider
Aetna Whole Health Plans
"NE & IA Aetna Whole Health CHI Health Accountable Care Managed Choice"
Aetna - Find A Doctor How to find an in-network primary care physician
Aetna - How to Search to see if a drug is covered and find prescription drugs on the Aetna Formulary
Aetna - How to Compare costs with different providers
Aetna - How to Find a specialist
Aetna - How to Find information on doctors & hospitals
Aetna - How to Estimate costs for services/procedures
Aetna - Prevention Breast Cancer Steps to Prevention
Aetna - SBC - Traditional Health Plan Compliance Notice. Summary of benefits coverage for the traditional PPO health plan
Aetna CHI Network Flyer Frequently asked questions about the CHI Health plan
Aetna Concierge Flyer Have questions about your health care plan? An Aetna concierge can help. 1.888.751.4027 and choose the concierge option. (Consumerism)
Aetna Customer Service Call 1.888.751.4027 and choose the concierge option
Aetna Diabetic Flyer Simple ways to manage your diabetes
Aetna Drug Costs Estimate Drug Costs Instructions. (Consumerism)
Aetna In Touch Aetna In Touch Care offers you:
• Ongoing, one-on-one phone calls with a nurse who serves as a trusted resource for you and your family
• Digital support that provides a variety of resources to help you better manage your health
• Customized health action plans based on your needs and references
Aetna Informed Health Line A 24-hour line for employee health questions. (Consumerism)
Aetna Narrow Network - Dependents What if my dependent lives out-of-network?
Aetna Pharmacy Drug Guide 2019
Aetna Pharmacy Covered & non-covered drugs 2019
Aetna Pre-Enrollment Flyer Tools to help you make use of your benefits
To visit your Aetna member website, create an account and log in at
Aetna Prescription Drug Formulary Instructions to find the cost of your prescription
Aetna Preventive Screenings Adult screenings are intended to find health issues as you age. And many are part of your annual preventive exam.* Talk with your doctor about which screenings are right for you. (Consumerism)
Aetna Resources 2020 Benefits Open Enrollment
Aetna Concierge
Aetna In Touch Care
How to find a provider in the Broad Network (PPO & Standard HDHP)
How to find a provider in the CHI Narrow Network
How to find a provider in the NHN Narrow Network
Aetna Payment Estimator
Mobile App
Aetna Sample Explanation of Benefits (EOB)
Aetna Specialty Drug List 2019
Aetna Stay Healthy Introducing our new personal health site Your first and last stop for better well-being.
Aetna Technical Support Trouble logging into This one-page document provides steps to take when calling Aetna technical support.
Aetna Teladoc $40 Get started: Call: 1.855..835.2362. General Medical $40 or less, Dermatology $75 less/visit, Behavioral Health $80-$160. (Consumerism)
Aetna Teladoc Link Talk to a doctor 24/7. (Consumerism)
Aetna Web Portal Link Log in to to complete your health assessment (health questionnaire). Need assistance logging in? Call 1-800-225-3375.
Aetna Wellness Questionnaire Instructions Instructions for the Health Assessment/Questionnaire through Aetna's Website
Ameritas - Contact 1-800-487-5553 & press 0 to speak to a customer service representative
Monday – Thursday
7:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m. CT
Friday 7:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. CT
Ameritas Log In Link Ameritas secure login: Print dental and vision cards
Amertias - How to Access Your Account Dental customer service: 1.800.487.5553 and press 0 to speak to an operator.
Vision customer service: 1.866.392.6057 or Eye Med at 1.866.289.0614
Print cards, find an in-network provider, and more.
Beneficiaries - Frequently Asked Questions Life Insurance Beneficiary Information
Certificate 2019 - Active benefits-eligible employee life insurance certificate.
Certificate 2018 - Active full-time administrators life insurance certificate
Certificate Retiree Life Insurance
CHI Health Accountable Care network hospitals CHI Hospital list for Omaha and surrounding areas.
CHI Provider Directory This directory for CHI providers is within 30 miles of 68137 and is subject to change without notice. Please use the online provider search for the most accurate provider list for the CHI Narrow Network.
CHI Spotlight Video
CHI Summary Plan Document 2019 CHI - HDHP Plan Document - What your plan covers and how benefits are paid.
CHI Virtual Care Link Teleservices using CHI providers. (Consumerism)
CHIP - Children's Health Insurance Program Compliance Notice. Premium assistance under Medicaid and the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP)
COBRA & Retiree Premiums 2020 Premiums per month
COBRA & Retiree Premiums 2020 Premiums per month
Compare Health Plans Link to HSA Bank Calculator If you gather information such as, annual deductibles, premiums per month, out-of-pocket maximum including deductible, co-insurance, co-pays, prescriptions co-pays, and an estimate of your health care expenses, the HSA Bank comparison tool may help determine which plan might be right for you. NOTE: the tool is intended as a guide and to measure hypothetical savings and not intended to be used as advice.
Custodial & Maintenance 12 Month Part-time Premiums 2020 Premiums are per paycheck for 12-month part-time custodians, grounds, & maintenance staff (19 Pay). Part-time is anything less than 40 hours per week.
Custodial, Grounds, & Maintenance 12 Month Full-time Premiums 2020 Premiums are per paycheck for 12-month full-time custodians, grounds, & maintenance staff.
Decision Making Process & Review of Different Network Options 2020 Benefits Open Enrollment
2020 Health Plan Decisions
Decision #1 - Which coverage level
Decision #2 - Pick a health plan
Decision #3 - Overview of network options
*Links to find an in-network provider
Why choose a high deductible health plan
Why choose a traditional health plan
Dental - How to flyer Find a dental provider, log into your Ameritas account & discount cards for prescriptions & eyewear.
Dental FAQs - Ameritas Ameritas Dental Benefits - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) If you need an ID card, sign in (or create) your secure member account today. Already registered? Sign in to your secure member account. If you're a first-time user, just create a new account. 2017
Dental Summary 2020 Dental Summary
Dental Summary Highlight Sheet How will changing plans impact dental treatment in progress? For dental services, the date the treatment begins is usually the only date of service. For example, the day they start a root canal or prepare a crown or denture. There are services that go hand in hand, such as an extraction of a tooth and a placement of a bridge.
Dental Updates Due to COVID-19 Elimination of dental deductible. We will waive the deductible for all dental claims incurred July 1 through December 31, 2020.
Elimination of dental exam and cleaning frequency limitations.
Questions? Contact Ameritas 1-800-487-5553
Dependent Care Handout Discovery Benefits - Dependent Care Accounts (DCA) 2019 annual max $5,000
Direct Deposit Discovery Benefits - Setting Up Direct Deposit
Discovery Benefits - FSA Store Link Purchase eligible items through the FSA Store.
Discovery Benefits Substantiation FAQ
District HSA Contribution 2020 District Contribution Schedule and Amounts
Total IRS Maximum: Single: $3,550 Family: $7,100
Eligible Expenses Discovery Benefits - Medical Flex Spending Accounts
Emergency Room or Urgent Care flyer Help determine which facility is most appropriate for your condition. (Consumerism)
Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Flyer FREE Short-term counseling available 24/7. Best Care Counselors provide assistance over the phone, online via a secure website, or in-person. 402-354-8000 or 1.800.801.4182. (Consumerism)
Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Web Portal Link Best Care Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Web Portal
Employee Discount - Metro Omaha YMCA Details of the YMCA program and discount for MPS employees
Employee Discounts - Fitness Healthy lifestyle discounts: Save on gym memberships, health coaching, fitness gear, and nutrition products that support a healthy lifestyle. You also save on: wearables, yoga, meditation, group fitness on-demand, one-on-one health coaching, online group fitness sessions, at-home weight-loss programs.
Employee Discounts - LifeMart LifeMart Member Discount Program - discounts on wellness, travel, hotels, cars, electronics, entertainment, grocery, and more.
Employee Discounts - Natural Products & Services Discounts Employee discounts through Aetna on massage therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic visits, and nutrition services.
Create a member account at check out to get a discount on all future orders.
Call 1-877-335-2746, 5 a.m. to 6 p.m. Pacific Time, Monday - Friday.
Employee Discounts - Weight Management At-home weight-loss programs, health coaching discounts, health food options, and how to get started on
Evidence of Insurability To apply for additional life insurance, complete this form and return it to HR/Benefits. Email with questions.
Filing Claims Discovery Benefits - Use the free mobile app or your online account to file claims.
Find A Provider How to find out if your provider is in a particular network if you are not currently enrolled in a health plan with Millard Public Schools.
- the broad area network (Standard Broad Network High Deductible Health Plan or the Traditional Health Plan)
Flu Shot Consent Form 2019-20 Millard Public Schools - Visiting Nurse Association Immunization Consent Form. Please bring the completed consent form with you to your appointment & Your Aetna Insurance Card.
Flu Shot Registration link - Visiting Nurse's Association The Visiting Nurse's Association (VNA) partners with Millard Public Schools to offer flu shot dates for Millard employees. Use the link to register.
Flu Shot Schedule 2019-2020. Wellness screening and flu shot dates flyer. If you register for a health screening, you do not have to register for the flu shot. The VNA will be there to administer flu shots. Please bring your Aetna card and your completed flu shot consent form. 
FMLA Poster Compliance Notice. Family Medical Leave Act: benefits and protection, requesting leave information
Food Service Premiums 2020 - Food Service premiums for 2020. Premiums are per paycheck. (19 pay)
General Health Plan Information Health Plan Terms/Definitions
2020 Benefits Open Enrollment
GoodRX Web Portal GoodRX Website. Find the lowest prescription price. (Consumerism)
Grace Period Discovery Benefits - Grace Period Rules
HDHP & PPO Summary Plan Document What your plan covers and how benefits are paid. 2019 Standard High Deductible Health Plan & Traditional Health Plan Documents
Health Plan Comparison Chart View this chart to compare all 4 health plans:
Out-of-pocket maximums
Coinsurance & Copays
District HSA contributions
*Refer to the Schedule of Benefits Summaries for out-of-network benefits
Health Savings Account Learning Center Got Questions? We've Got Answers. HSA Bank's Frequently Asked Questions section provides answers to all your pertinent health savings account questions.
HIPAA Annual Notice of Privacy Practices Compliance Notice. HIPAA describes how protected health information may be used or disclosed.
How to Get Started with HSA Bank New to a Health Savings Account? You'll want to review this important information to get started.