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First Name Last Name Email Staff Assignment Additional Assignments
Henk De Boer Substitute
Caleb Kluender Substitute Russell Middle Sch - Football Varsity/jv Ms
Jaime Stiles Substitute
Lilly Haes Substitute
Jeffrey Ritz Substitute
Diana Kramer Substitute
Patrick Flanigan Substitute
Karlie Ferdon Substitute
Jennifer Ross Substitute
Tessa Sutfin Substitute
John Everroad Substitute
Jeffrey Westover Substitute
Johanna Zalopany Substitute
Terrence Welte Substitute
Victoria Glesmann Substitute
Linda Phillips Substitute
Mary Miller Substitute
Nancy Rice Substitute
Taryn Sadil Substitute
Erin Mcgonigal Substitute
Kimberly Bailey Substitute
Tammy Johnson Substitute
Joseph Silknitter Substitute
Angela Whitney Substitute
Allison Van Haren Substitute
Jeanne Weiner Substitute
Linda Perkins Substitute
Julee Mouw Substitute
Donna Wroten Substitute
Lindsey Parkyns-swift Substitute
Christina Burns Substitute
Nathan Hancock Substitute
Sabrina Montemarano Substitute
Jared Georgius Substitute
Megan Gazda Substitute
Megan Luck Substitute
Judith Hughes Substitute
Janet Butler Substitute
Robert Blankenship Substitute
Rayna Moody-byers Substitute
Kerri Freeman Substitute
Crista Jensen Substitute
Wendy Fetters Substitute
Loren Owens Substitute
Andy Isaacson Contracted Svc
Karlie Rowan Contracted Svc
Ariana Davis Substitute
Paige Mantz Substitute
Ashley Gleason Substitute
Chrystal Hambek Substitute
Charles Wolatz Substitute
Ardell Hobscheidt Substitute
Terry Peterson Temp Help
Robert Rogers Substitute
Alexandra Fischer Substitute
Julia Reddel Substitute
Caurie Kuzelka Contracted Svc
Elizabeth Olsen Substitute
Brandon Kletke Substitute
Kari Andresen Substitute
Brittany Marshall Substitute
Loretta Klug Substitute
Wayne Crumbley Substitute
Carol Haller Substitute
Karen Wagner Substitute
Kristin Hogan Substitute
Linda Alsharif Substitute
April Van Unen Substitute
Garran Pauli Substitute
Carol Shaw Substitute
Chelsea Gordon Substitute
Chad Schuchmann Substitute
Lori Angel-moore Substitute
Carly Fox Substitute
Michele Kreifels Substitute
Denise Kendrick Substitute
Jacques Tetrault Substitute
Julie Milks Substitute
Maria Scarpello Yearian Substitute
John Wieczorek Substitute
Hong Huynh Substitute
Amy Roux Substitute
Janette Porter Substitute
Caitlin Kaup Substitute
Sherrie Trede Substitute
Mary Marquardt Temp Help
Deanna Townsend Temp Help
Emily Hartley Substitute
Kirk Hawkins Substitute
Elizabeth Krichau Contracted Svc
Julia Gigliodoro Substitute
Mary Johnston Substitute
Sandra Brown Substitute
Jaime Johannsen Substitute
Oscar Villegas Coudurier Substitute
Joshua Love Substitute
Ruth Molano Salinas Substitute
Lisa Paskewitz Substitute
Breanna Smith Contracted Svc
Jennifer Riffel Substitute