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First Name Last Name Email Staff Assignment Additional Assignments
Penelope Sander Substitute
Jennifer Preissler Substitute
Benjamin Dubay Temp Help
Catherine Jansen Substitute
Anna Phelps Substitute
Kalil Edwards Substitute
Kandra Spaulding Substitute
Barbara Tappe Substitute
Margaret Kubat Substitute
John Swoboda Substitute
Pam Begley Substitute
Andrew Sloger Substitute
Amelia Bruner Temp Help
Malarie Jindra Substitute
Jason Taylor Substitute
Tessa Sutfin Substitute
Amber Lefeber Substitute
Sheila Kaczmarek Substitute
Vickie Tom Substitute
Tamara Kusleika Substitute
Maria Garcia Substitute
Kerigan Ohl Substitute
Melissa Johnson Substitute
Janis Fischer Substitute
Paula Toth Substitute
Tracy Wimmer Substitute
Margaret Emsick Substitute
Kristin Hogan Substitute
Lyudmila King Substitute
Cassie Jetter Substitute
Karlie Ferdon Substitute
Judith Schumacher Substitute Beadle Middle Sch - Long Term Sub Secondary
Teresa Sterken Substitute West High - Student Teacher
Jessica Jones Contracted Svc
Tara Higgins Substitute
Erin Ellis Substitute
Bobbi Jo Shiu Substitute
Kayla Workman Substitute
Lisa Vardaman Substitute
Thomas Simons Substitute
Carey Clark Substitute
Elizabeth Schmidt Substitute
Tracie Mcdonald Substitute
Jennifer Houlihan Substitute
Kristina Gotschall Substitute
James Rouse Substitute
Barbara Butler Substitute
Lisa Boetel Substitute
Talia Frank Substitute
Jennifer Ryan Substitute
Tatum Vankooten Substitute
Maisy Carder Substitute
Diane Pearson Substitute
Garrett Mercado Substitute
Sandy Estee Contracted Svc Russell Middle Sch - Sped Contractor
Kirsten Mcgargill Substitute
Andrew Schilling Substitute
Scott Milliken Substitute
Tymesia Heath Substitute
Anna Yuz-mosenkis Substitute
Nathan Hancock Substitute
Joe Erdkamp Substitute
Nathaniel Wallace Temp Help West High - Student Teacher
Sara Kalar Substitute
Claire Buddenhagen Substitute
Amy Mcintyre Substitute
Jared Georgius Substitute
Breanna Green Substitute
Carly Pedersen Substitute
Pamela Hall Substitute
Patricia Gray Substitute
Marguerite Bay Temp Help
Alisa Schlotfeld Substitute
Chelsey Vasos Substitute
Norma Mena Substitute
Lauren Eckstrom Substitute
Abigail Karloff Substitute
Corissa Hays Substitute
Jennifer Konieczny Substitute
Shannon Pope Substitute
Gage Grinnell Substitute
Martha Lerner Substitute
Susan Hertzler Substitute
Susan Mehl Substitute
Kylee Aerni Substitute
Tiffany Hrivnak Substitute
Brandon Kletke Substitute
Jordan Vanderloo Substitute
Heidi Andsager Ed Para Bryan Elem - Health Room Para Elem
Dalton Madsen Substitute
Betty Middendorf Substitute
Paula Ashford Substitute
Katrina Burton Substitute
Bethany Fallon Substitute
Lindsey Schiessler Substitute
Michaela Watson Substitute
Kathryn Goodall Substitute
Terry Peterson Temp Help
Jennifer Escobar Substitute
Chad Schuchmann Substitute