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First Name Last Name Email Staff Assignment Additional Assignments
Loretta Klug Substitute
Scott Milliken Substitute
Donna Mehlin Substitute
Leonard Sagenbrecht Substitute
Jennifer Houlihan Substitute
David Rochford Substitute West High - Digital Media Stipend Hs
Ruth Molano Salinas Substitute
Marissa Napoleone Substitute
Alaria Bode Temp Help
Paula Baggiani Substitute
Kacie Shields Substitute
Korina Roberts Substitute
John Allen Temp Help
Jean Noel Teacher
Roseanne Lenz Substitute
Barbara Krabbenhoft Substitute
Emily Lynch Substitute
Stephanie Graves Substitute
Grace Buckland Temp Help
Jennifer Riffel Substitute
Jose Carranza Substitute
Mia Scott Temp Help
Denise Kendrick Substitute
Dan Crawford Substitute
Debra Sheldon Teacher
Megan Purser Substitute
Elizabeth Evans Substitute
Jaclynn Ryan Substitute
Bradyn Bode Temp Help
Samantha Biskup Temp Help
Malarie Jindra Substitute
Anna Huliska Substitute
Nolan King Temp Help
Michael Hodges Substitute
Mary Ulrich Temp Help
Jeanne Weiner Substitute
Mark Pilkington Teacher
Bruce Reed Substitute
Geraldine Mcclenny Substitute
Glenda Bahr Substitute
Sonja Peters Substitute
Amy Huffman Ed Para
Sara Haake Substitute
Randall Spahn Substitute
William Lemke Substitute
Colby Frazier Temp Help
Alice Dunn Substitute Black Elk Elem - Summer Teacher Elem
Whitney Rosno Substitute
Neely Edwards Temp Help
Maxim Tsed Temp Help
Mary Johnston Substitute
Mary Vap Substitute
Penelope Sander Substitute
Sarah Phan Substitute
Hadeel Haider Substitute
Bethany Carrothers Contracted Svc
Madelyn Saub Temp Help
Kyle Leblanc Temp Help
Jessica Jones Contracted Svc
Benjamin Ravitz Substitute
Madison Schaefer Substitute
Sophia Gallegos Temp Help
Jera Sterner Substitute
Alexanna Kelly Substitute
Rose Westerman Temp Help
Carol Shaw Substitute
Audrey Cover Teacher
Sherryl Shannon Substitute
Susan Mehl Substitute
Pam Begley Substitute
Cathy Smith Substitute
Evan Kluch Temp Help
Lindsay Coffey Substitute Cody Elem - Summer Teacher Elem
Zachary Miller Substitute
Noah Wilber Temp Help
Tracy Stauffer Teacher
Melinda Reed Teacher
Madison Siniard Substitute
Katherine Irish Substitute
Anjelika Chobot Substitute
Mikenna Kerkman Temp Help
Sara Kalar Substitute
Ryker Fyfe Substitute
Tammy Fausset Substitute
Emily Almazan-leon Temp Help
Nancy Gilmore Teacher
Ronald Beernink Substitute
Nancy Wilson Substitute
Sherri Andersen Substitute
Jen Knudsen Substitute
Brenna Cepelak Substitute
Katherine Kuntz Temp Help
Daniel Corral Substitute
John Everroad Substitute
Megan Gazda Substitute
Jeremy Robson Temp Help
Jean Koerten Substitute
Victoria Glesmann Substitute
Linda Gjere Substitute
Margaret Emsick Substitute