6301.2: Assessed Curriculum - Accountability for Assessments

6301.2: Assessed Curriculum - Accountability for Assessments holly Tue, 07/16/2019 - 10:51

Accountability for classroom assessments is the shared responsibility of district and building personnel. 

Educational Services and the Department of Assessment, Research, and Evaluation shall be accountable to: 

I. develop curriculum frameworks which include standards and indicators that identify system-wide assessment outcomes; and 

II. develop course guides which include assessments (formative and summative) 

Building administration and staff shall be accountable to: 

I. follow appropriate security procedures; 

II. use the assessments identified within course guides; 

III. use assessment data to monitor student learning; 

IV. use assessment data to differentiate instruction; 

V. provide students and parents with feedback about student learning; 

VI. use assessment data for school improvement planning; 

VII. provide reteaching opportunities and/or scientific, researched-based early interventions in response to student learning information; and 

VIII. use assessment data to adjust, improve, or terminate ineffective teaching practices.

Date of Adoption
July 12, 1999
Date of Revision
August 2, 2010
March 6, 2017
November 6, 2006
June 4, 2007