6301.1: Assessed Curriculum - Accountability for Assessments

Accountability for District assessments is the shared responsibility of District and building personnel. 

Department of Assessment, Research, and Evaluation shall be accountable to: 

I. develop the District assessments of student performance in consultation with Educational Services; 

II. develop guidelines for the administration of criterion-referenced assessments; 

III. distribute and collect assessment material; 

IV. provide staff development related to assessment administration; 

V. develop guidelines for and monitor the use of accommodations, alternative assessments, and lowered cutscores in coordination with the Special Education Department; 

VI. analyze data for program level improvements modifications, or elimination; 

VII. develop, distribute, and revise as needed the District Assessment Procedures; 

VIII. develop Tables of Specifications for District assessments. 

For District assessments, Assessment, Research and Evaluation shall be accountable to: 

I. chair the District Assessment Committee; 

II. develop a district assessment timeline; 

III. ensure that all assessments are reliable and valid; 

IV. provide trustworthy and dependable results; 

V. facilitate the methodologies used to set the cutscores, 

VI. provide the cutscores to the Board of Education for final approval; 

VII. ensure test security; 

VIII. develop, distribute, manage, and revise as needed the District Assessment procedures and test protocols; 

IX. develop guidelines for the administration of norm-referenced assessments; 

X. generate all student answer sheets and test materials; 

XI. compile all test scores; 

XII. generate building and district reports; 

XIII. generate building and district statistical profiles; 

XIV. disaggregate the data according to race, gender, socio-economic level, ELL status and disability; 

XV. report student performance data in accordance with federal, state and district guidelines; 

Building administration and staff shall be accountable to:

I. administer the District assessments according to security protocol, including the following responsibilities: 

A. Ensure that no copies of secure assessments are in a school, other than for the time required for administering to students. 

B. Ensure that neither the District assessments nor the District standardized tests are copied. 

C. Ensure that assessment copies are secure while they are in the building.

D. Oversee the testing process and ensure that proper protocol is followed.

E. Ensure that retesting of students follows the same procedures as the main, first-time testing, including same security, same administration protocol, and same procedures. 

F. Hold at least one discussion session per year with staff about test security. 

II. identify and implement accommodations, alternate assessments, and lowered cutscores according to district assessment procedures; 

III. administer the District assessments according to prescribed assessment procedures; 

IV. administer the District assessments based on the District timeline; 

V. use the derived data to make instructional improvements; 

VI. provide reteaching opportunities in response to student learning information.

Date of Adoption
July 12, 1999
Date of Revision
May 20, 2002
July 21, 2003
December 4, 2006
June 4, 2007
August 2, 2010
September 6, 2016
March 6, 2017