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The Millard School District is committed to the development of an information/media program that is integrated with the instructional program of the district. This commitment is bolstered by the substantial support provided in the form of remodeled facilities, new resources, staff, training, technology and equipment.

In Millard, we believe that this integrated approach to the information/media program is one reason for the high academic achievement of our students. We also believe that this approach is a critical element of our school improvement efforts. Millard Public Schools value the contributions made by our dedicated staff to make our school libraries the best in the nation!

Millard Public Schools affirms the intent that the information center is an integral part of the instructional program of every school. This is accomplished by engaging teachers, parents, administrators, support staff and the professional school library media specialist in a collaborative, teaming arrangement in which the library becomes an information center, the true center of learning for the school. Key elements include staffing of the information centers with full-time certified staff and paraprofessionals, the construction of large and flexible facilities that are centrally located, adding new technologies, flexible schedules, budgeting for curriculum based collections, and a collaborative environment.

The Millard Public Schools' collection consists of approximately 400,000 books, audiovisual items, print periodicals, plus Internet access and several online resources. Subscription databases include CultureGrams, Galenet, Wilson Web, ProQuest Professional, SIRS Researcher, WorldBook Online and Grolier Online 

Library Services Support Staff
Media support staff provide a variety of behind-the-scenes functions which greatly enhance the effectiveness of the information/media program in Millard Public Schools. Their work involves ordering, cataloging, and processing of library books, video materials, audio materials, compact discs, digital video discs and other materials for checkout using the district circulation system. When schools receive materials, they are ready for immediate use by teachers and students.
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Dr. Angela Daigle
Library Services Department Head
Phone: (402) 715-1227

Sandy Havens
Library Services Secretary
Phone: (402) 715-1231

Shelly Somerville
Library Services Secretary
Phone: (402) 715-1222

Laurie Jones
Phone: (402) 715-1230 

FAX (402) 715-1224

Digital resources for teacher librarians

Teacher Librarians are leaders in the use of technology. They serve on school and district technology committees and team together with teachers to plan and teach collaborative units utilizing technology. The Learning4Life Standards (AASL 2008) assist information specialists and staff on what students should know and be able to do. NETS technology standards also help guide instruction requiring the use of technology. Students are encouraged to utilize various models of information/technology and use some of those same systems to produce evidence of their learning.

In Millard Public Schools, the role of the Teacher Librarians is at the very core of the total educational program. Our most important and valued assets are the information specialists. Thank you to AASL and ALA for recognizing Millard as a leader among school districts in the area of information and school library service.
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