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Strategic Planning

The Millard Public School District has utilized strategic planning since the 1989-1990 school year as the mechanism for school improvement. Strategic planning allows our district to refine our systems, evaluate our critical issues, and positively impact achievement and engagement across all 35 schools in Millard.

We invite you to learn more about our strategic planning process and see how our history of strategic planning has redefined our district into a world-class school system.


The mission is the loftiest aspiration of our school district. 

Millard Public Schools guarantees each student exemplifies the knowledge, skills, and character necessary for personal excellence and responsible citizenship through an innovative, world-class educational community that challenges and empowers all students.



Objectives are the desired and measurable end results for the district.

  • All students will meet and/or exceed district and state standards.
  • The achievement gap between student groups will decrease annually.
  • The district’s overall performance on district, state, and national assessments will increase annually.
  • Individual student growth on district, state, and national assessments will increase annually and exceed national targets.
  • The percentage of students participating in and performing at high levels on measures of national and/or international educational excellence will increase annually.
  • All students will exemplify the positive behaviors necessary for personal excellence, character development, and responsible citizenship.

Beliefs are the foundation of our Strategic Plan.  The belief statements are an expression of the fundamental values, ethical codes, overriding convictions and principles for the district.

  • Each individual has value.
  • Our greatest resource is people.
  • Individuals are responsible for their actions.
  • Responsible risk-taking is essential for growth. 
  • All people can learn and grow.
  • Diversity enriches life.
  • High expectations promote higher achievement.
  • Achievement builds confidence; confidence promotes achievement.
  • Shaping and developing character is the shared responsibility of the individual, family, school, and community.
  • All people are entitled to a safe, caring, supportive, and respectful environment.
  • Educated and engaged citizens are necessary for our democratic society.
  • All schools are accountable to the community.
  • Transparency builds trust and confidence. 
  • Public education benefits the entire community and is the shared responsibility of all.
  • Excellence is worth the investment.

Parameters are established guidelines from which the district will operate. These guidelines are self-imposed regulations for our schools:  things we will always do; things we will never do.

  • We will always operate caring and supportive environments to ensure safety and learning.
  • We will not tolerate any behavior that diminishes the value of any student, staff member, or community member.
  • Nothing will take precedence over the early childhood through young adult education program.
  • No new program, course, and/or significant operational practice will be added unless:
    • it meets a clearly demonstrated, mission-related need;
    • it survives a cost-benefit analysis;
    • its impact on other programs/courses/services is addressed;
    • adequate staffing, professional learning, funding, and facilities are provided;
    • it contains an evaluation procedure.
  • No existing program, course, and/or significant operational practice will be maintained unless it:
    • meets a clearly demonstrated, mission-related need;
    • survives a cost-benefit analysis and periodic evaluation.
  • We will always communicate effectively, both internally and externally, in order to implement our Strategic Plan, operate our schools, and maintain high levels of student, staff, family and community support.
  • We will attract, develop, and retain the highest quality staff dedicated to achieving our mission and objectives.
  • We will always expect students to set and achieve challenging educational and career goals tailored to their abilities, interests, and aspirations. 
  • We will have systemic practices to address the behavioral and mental health needs of our students that promote good character, positive social behavior, and responsible citizenship.