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? Have I Completed the Wellness Program Requirements? Check for completion of wellness requirements instructions.
How do I know if I've completed the health screening for this school year?
How do I know if I've completed the health assessment/questionnaire for this school year?
Are both wellness program requirements complete?
Accessing your Aetna Wellness Assessment/Questionnaire Step by step instructions on where to find the wellness assessment/questionnaire, including screen shots.
Aetna Technical Support Trouble logging into This one-page document provides steps to take when calling Aetna technical support.
Aetna Web Portal Link Log in to to complete your health assessment (health questionnaire). Need assistance logging in? Call 1-800-225-3375.
Aetna Wellness Questionnaire Instructions Instructions for the Health Assessment/Questionnaire through Aetna's Website
Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Flyer FREE Short-term counseling available 24/7. Best Care Counselors provide assistance over the phone, online via a secure website, or in-person. 402-354-8000 or 1.800.801.4182. (Consumerism)
Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Web Portal Link Best Care Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Web Portal
Employee Discount - Metro Omaha YMCA Details of the YMCA program and discount for MPS employees
Employee Discounts - Fitness Healthy lifestyle discounts: Save on gym memberships, health coaching, fitness gear, and nutrition products that support a healthy lifestyle. You also save on: wearables, yoga, meditation, group fitness on-demand, one-on-one health coaching, online group fitness sessions, at-home weight-loss programs.
Employee Discounts - LifeMart LifeMart Member Discount Program - discounts on wellness, travel, hotels, cars, electronics, entertainment, grocery, and more.
Employee Discounts - Natural Products & Services Discounts Employee discounts through Aetna on massage therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic visits, and nutrition services.
Create a member account at check out to get a discount on all future orders.
Call 1-877-335-2746, 5 a.m. to 6 p.m. Pacific Time, Monday - Friday.
Employee Discounts - Weight Management At-home weight-loss programs, health coaching discounts, health food options, and how to get started on
Flu Shot Registration Flu shots for 2020
Flu Shot Schedule
Millard Wellness Program Compliance Notice
Quest - How to download your physicians results form How to download your personalized Physician Results Form to take to your wellness screening with your physician from the Quest portal.
Quest Diagnostics Log In Link Schedule your health screening appointment through Quest Diagnostic or download the personalized physician results form to take to your doctor.
Quest Log In Instructions Registration Key: millardps. Need help registering or logging into Quest, call customer service at 1-855-623-9355. If you do not carry health benefits through Millard, email with a request to be added to the wellness program to participate.
Quest Screening Dates 2019-20 Health Screenings and Flu Shot Dates at Millard Public Schools buildings.
Quest-Upload Physicians Form Instructions Instructions - how to: upload your personalized physician results form to the Quest portal. You should receive a confirmation from Quest.
Tips - Wellness - 10 Tips for Good Health
Tips - Wellness - Eating Healthy
Tips - Wellness - Eating Healthy
Tips - Wellness - Goal Setting
Tips - Wellness - Heart Healthy Eating
Tips - Wellness - Improve Your Heart Health
Tips - Wellness - Pre-diabetes
Tips - Wellness - Smoking Cessation
Tips - Wellness - Sun Safety
Tips for Posture Wellness
Tips to Gear Up for Flu Season
Tips to Well Being - Wellness
UPDATED - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) What changed for 2019-2020?
What changed for 2020-2021?
UPDATED - Millard Wellness Program Details Millard Wellness Program Summary and FAQs. The free wellness program has two requirements: completion of the health assessment and health screening prior to the UPDATED DEADLINE of August 31, 2020, due to COVID-19.
UPDATED - Wellness Program Update DUE TO COVID-19, the deadlines have changed and screening dates have been added.
Wellness Annual Compliance Notice
Wellness Flyer How can I check if both wellness requirements are complete for this school year?
Is my health screening complete?
Is my health assessment/questionnaire complete?
Step by step instructions on how to check your wellness requirements for this school year.
Wellness Program Frequently Asked Questions