New Salaried Staff

MPS Induction, the three-year experience to orient new staff members, is the result of collaborative District efforts to be proactive in recruiting and retaining the highest quality certificated staff.

The three phases of the Induction Program support all new certificated staff as they prepare for and enjoy a long, successful career in the Millard Public Schools.

The MPS Induction Program includes the following experiences:

  • Year One: Acquire & Integrate Knowledge through New Staff Orientation and Mentoring Relationships
  • Year Two: Refine through Peer Coaching Partnerships
  • Year Three: Grow through Extended Professional Experiences

    Induction Program Overview Document    
Year One: Acquire & Integrate Knowledge through New Staff Orientation and Mentoring Relationships

We are excited to have you join us! As a new salaried staff member in MPS, whether this is your very first classroom or you have years of experience in another district, you will be participating in our three-year Induction program:

Important Information for Year One

2020-21 Induction Cohort

Orientation Website

Additional New Staff Orientation Dates:

  • November 25, 2020 (virtual)
  • February 15, 2021
Year Two: Refine through Peer Coaching Partnerships

In Year Two of Induction Programming, staff will refine instructional practices through collaborative inquiry into the Millard Instructional Model with a peer.

Peer Coaching experiences focus on:

  • Peer collaboration

  • Observation within each learning environment

  • Self-assessment

  • Reflection on the Millard Instructional Model

Peer Coaching is a unique opportunity for certificated staff in their 2nd year of employment to work with another certificated staff member in their building as a Peer Coaching Team.

Peer Coaching is available in a blended format, where some of the requirements are met online via Google Classroom or it is available as a traditional face-to-face experience. Coaching teams determine which format to choose.

Year Three: Grow through Extended Professional Experiences

Year Three prepares you for a long and successful career with Millard Public Schools.

Timely Sessions focused on...

  • Professional Wellness
  • Culturally-Responsive Teaching
  • Professional Awareness

Topics include professional well-being; financial fitness; a message from the Superintendent; the MPS strategic and site planning processes; moving from appraisal phase to continuous growth phase in the staff evaluation process; and development of long-range career goals.


New Administrator

In addition to the comprehensive leadership staff development Millard provides all administrators and other leaders, we also provide a 2-year New Administrator Induction program to help new administrators acclimate to their new role. Our goal is to provide strategic direction and a successful network of support to help new administrators succeed. Specifically our new administrators learn their new job expectations, build relationships, and learn how to access resources by actively participating in professional development activities aligned to their mutual commitments and job accountabilities. This extra support helps to prepare them for their new positions in MPS. Click here for an outline of the New Administrator Induction Program.