Frequently Asked Questions about MPS New Staff Induction

What is MPS New Staff Induction?

MPS New Staff Induction is the result of collaborative district efforts to be proactive in recruiting and retaining the highest quality certificated staff. The program is designed in three Induction Phases to support all new certificated staff in their first three years of employment as they prepare for and enjoy a long, successful career in the Millard Public Schools.

Year 1: Acquire & Integrate Knowledge through New Staff Orientation and Mentoring Relationships

Year 2: Extending & Refining Knowledge through Professional Inquiry with a Critical Friends Group

Year 3: Applying Knowledge through Peer Coaching Partnerships

Who participates in the MPS New Staff Induction Program?

All certificated staff members hired since Fall 2002 participate in the 3-year MPS New Staff Induction Program.

How can veteran district staff be involved?

Experienced staff members may serve as building mentor or district Curriculum Contact to a new staff member, serve as a Critical Friends Group facilitator, participate in Peer Coaching as a Coaching Partner to a 3rd year staff member, and/or seek opportunities to support new staff by contacting Todd Tripple, Director of Staff Development & Instructional Improvement.

What if I have questions?