Frequently Asked Questions about MPS New Staff Induction

What is MPS New Staff Induction?

MPS New Staff Induction is the result of collaborative district efforts to be proactive in recruiting and retaining the highest quality certificated staff. The program is designed in three Induction Phases to support all new certificated staff in their first three years of employment as they prepare for and enjoy a long, successful career in the Millard Public Schools.

Year 1: Orientation and Mentoring Relationships

Year 2: Peer Coaching Partnerships

Year 3: Extended Professional Experiences

What is in store for new staff during Year 1 of employment?

New certificated staff will benefit from individualized support and a professional guide and resource with a building mentor, will become familiar with building and district activity through a variety of orientation experiences, and will receive assistance with curriculum development and delivery of instruction through support provided by the Leadership and Learning Department and the Educational Services Division.

What is Peer Coaching during Year 2 of employment?

Peer Coaching is a unique opportunity for certificated staff in their 2nd year of employment to work with another certificated staff member in their building as a Peer Coaching Team. The focus is on the Millard Instructional Model and includes peer collaboration, observation, self-assessment, and reflection. The Peer Coaching experience includes four skill development meetings, Coaching Team conversations, and classroom observations throughout the year. There are 2 formats for this experience: Peer Coaching @ ESU or Peer Coaching via Google Classroom. Participants earn the MPS Induction stipend for successful completion of Peer Coaching.

What is involved in Extended Professional Experiences during Year 3 of employment?

Staff in their 3rd year of employment participate in a three-session facilitated professional growth experience. The focus of these sessions includes preparing for a long and successful MPS career through Professional Wellness, Professional Awareness, and Career Paths exploration. Topics include: financial and professional wellbeing; culturally responsive teaching; Millard’s strategic plan; moving from appraisal phase to continuous growth phase in the staff evaluation process; and development of professional goals. Participants earn the MPS Induction stipend for successful completion of Extended Professional Experiences.

Who participates in the MPS New Staff Induction Program?

All certificated staff members hired since Fall 2002 participate in the 3-year MPS New Staff Induction Program.

How can veteran district staff be involved?

Experienced staff members may serve as building mentor or district Curriculum Contact to a new staff member, participate in Peer Coaching as a Coaching Partner to a 2nd year staff member, and/or seek opportunities to support 3rd year staff through the Extended Professional Experiences seminars.

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