AP Capstone

Students interested must attend or transfer to Millard West High School.


AP Capstone"' provides students with the skills needed for school and life beyond the classroom. They will learn how to critically think about problems around the world and navigate through possible solutions, while engaging and evaluating multiple perspectives and points of view. The program will help students develop as critical thinkers and allows them to build on their pre-existing skills in research and public speaking. Students will have a chance to truly gain ownership of their learning and take accountability in the learning process. 
In AP Seminar, students will read and analyze a variety of sources, discover and research a problem, and create a solution. In AP Research, students will find a gap in current research, conduct their own research, write about, and present their findings. 
Sophomore students are eligible to apply to the AP Capstone"' program for their junior and senior year and must attend or transfer to Millard West to participate. Information on the AP Capstone"' program and the application process is shared in classes and during the registration process. The application process is completed in early December and students are notified of their acceptance status in January. 

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