Business Services

Did you know the buildings in Millard Public Schools cover more than 3.5 million square feet? Our roofing alone spans more than 67 football fields!

Facility maintenance is just one area of responsibility of the business services department. The department also manages all district finances, audits and more.  

For more information on statewide receipts and expenditures, and to compare cost per pupil and performance to other school districts, go to:

For Accounts Payable questions, you can reach us at For payroll questions, you can reach us at Additional contact information is available below. 


Chief Financial Officer
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Chris Hughes
Accounting Manager
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Dan Polodna
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Thomas Riley
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Tom Gjere
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DeeDee Barr
Executive Assistant to the CFO
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Donna Smith
Accounting Specialist
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Elisabeth Hamilton
Accounts Payable
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Jill Dohse
Payroll Specialist
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Janet Klostermann
Payroll Specialist
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