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Administrator Wage & Benefit Summary 2019-2020
Collective Bargaining Agreement - Custodial & Maintenance 2019-2020
Collective Bargaining Agreement - Nurse 2019-2021
Collective Bargaining Agreement - Paraprofessional 2019-2021
Collective Bargaining Agreement - Teachers 2019-2021
Compensation for Lost Plan Time 2019-20 2019-20
Food Service Wage & Benefit Summary 2019-2020
Pro-Tech Hourly Wage & Benefit Summary 2019-2020
Pro-Tech Salaried Wage & Benefit Summary 2019-2020
Superintendents Contract 2019-2022. 2018-7-9 Board Meeting Date
Training Stipend Forms Instructions and application for training incentive.
UNO and UNL e-Scholarship Information eScholarship Information for UNO and UNL Co-Teaching Scholarships
Apply for UNO and UNL scholarships at the link provided on the form.