Welcome to Millard Public Schools Technology Department’s home page. Millard Public Schools is a World-Class School System that has set high academic standards for all its students. 

Those standards have been the driving force behind the district’s tradition of innovation and excellence in the area of technology.  

The technology tools and systems are supported by one of the areas most highly skilled and functional teams. Members of the technology team have a “customer service” focus when meeting the unique needs of our students, staff and community. We are proud of our service to this community

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Executive Director of Technology
Director of Digital Learning
District Technology Manager
Technology Contacts

RWSSC Secretary
For non-technical assistance, please call:
(402) 715-6290

MPS Staff
All MPS district staff members should enter a Helpdesk ticket for tech support. If you need immediate help, please call: (402) 715-1000

RWSSC Location
Picture of  RWSSC Ron Witt Support Service Center (RWSSC)
13737 Industrial Road, Omaha NE 68137
  • Technology
  • Instructional & Technical MEPs
  • Assessment, Research, and Evaluation 
  • Warehouse & Mail Distribution
  • Special Education Facilitators
  • Interventionist
  • Community Counselors

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MPS Technology Team


Yesenia "Jess" Bravo:  Technology Facilitator
Jess is the Technology Facilitator for Aldrich, Black Elk, Bryan, Cody, Morton, Sandoz and Wheeler Elementary buildings.

Sam Broesch:  Technology Specialist
Sam is the Technology Specialist for Russell Middle School.

Michelle Brown:  Cataloger
Michele is responsible for managing the library and district resources in the district electronic catalog. She inputs data into the catalog so that users can locate the books and resources that are needed.

Ralph Carey:  Technology Facilitator
Ralph is the Technology Facilitator at Don Stroh Administration Center.  He also provides District support for eFinance, Absence Management, AAWEB, Time Clocks, and Document Management.

Cindy Dark:  Technology Specialist
Cindy is the Technology Specialist at Beadle Middle School. 

Linda Deegan:  Technology Assistant
Linda is the Technology Assistant in Millard West High School's Tech Center and helps students there with any laptop problems.

Lynn Dethloff:  Technology Secretary
Lynn is the Technology Department Secretary.  

Michael Fahy:  Technology Specialist
Michael is the Technology Specialist for North Middle School.

Lori Faust:  Library Services Receiving Secretary
Lori receives and processes all of the books and materials purchased by the teacher/librarians in the District. She ensures the materials are ready for immediate use by teachers and students when they arrive at the schools. Sandy also manages the barcodes and processes all A/V equipment for the district. 

Franco Fiorini: Technology Facilitator
Franco is the Technology Facilitator for Millard North High School.

Cathy Hanish:  Technology Facilitator
Cathy is the Technology Facilitator for Cather, Disney, Hitchcock, Montclair, Norris and Upchurch Elementary buildings.  

Robert Hettinger:  District Network Specialist
Robert is a District Network Specialist. He focuses on designing and implementing network security through firewall and internet filtering.

Jay Hutfles:  Technology Facilitator
Jay is the Technology Facilitator for Keith Lutz Horizon High School.  He also provides technical support at SSC and RWSSC buildings as well as District Level Support for Print Management.

Kirk Kingston:  Technology Specialist
Kirk is the Technology Specialist for Central Middle School.

Mary Kucera:  Technology Facilitator
Mary is the Technology Facilitator for Millard South High School.

Chad Lawton:  Network Developer
Chad is the District's Technology Developer.  He provides support for School Messenger and end-user account software management.  He also assists in device and laptop deployments.

Donna Lawton:  Technology Assistant
Donna is the Technology Assistant in Millard South High School's Tech Center and helps students there with any laptop problems.

TBA:  MEP Instructional Technology
TBA is an Instructional Technology MEP.  TBA provides District Instructional Technology support for Science, Art, Health, Journalism, and Skilled & Technical Sciences. TBA provides District Support for Google Workspace for Education, Google Sites, Final Cut Pro, iMovie, Savvas EasyBridge, and Adobe Creative Suite. TBA is also the MPS District Webmaster.

Laura Morris:  Technology Facilitator
Laura is the Technology Facilitator for Abbott, Ezra, Harvey Oaks, Reagan, and Reeder Elementary buildings. She also provides support for the RWSSC building and is also the Apple computer hardware support person.

Jessica Nelson:  MEP Instructional Technology 
Jessica is an MEP Instructional for Technology. She provides District Instructional Technology support to World Language, ELL, PE, , and Intervention Programs. She also provides District support in Google Workspace for Education, Scholastic Reading, Math, Rosetta Stone, Imagine Learning, Fitness Gram, and iReady.

Jonathan Nord:  District Network Specialist
Jonathan is the District Network Specialist.  He provides District Support in several areas.

Denise O'Connor:  Helpdesk Specialist
Denise is the District Helpdesk Specialist.  She assigns helpdesk tickets to the appropriate technology members and provides password changes for AD and e-mail logins.  She also handles purchasing for the Technology Department in accordance to our standard hardware and software lists.

Anne Ogg:  MEP Instructional Technology
Anne is an Instructional Technology MEP. She provides District Instructional Technology support to Business, Computer Science, Digital Literacy and Citizenship, Family Consumer Science, Health, and Music departments.  She also assists in Google Workspace for Education, Typing Ace, and Type2Learn.

Elizabeth Pachta:  Technology Facilitator
Elizabeth is the Technology Facilitator for Ackerman, Cottonwood, Neihardt, Rockwell, Rohwer, and Willowdale Elementary buildings.  She also serves on the Helpdesk team.

TBA:  MEP Instructional Technology
TBA is an MEP Instructional for Technology.  TBA provides District Education Technology support to Language Arts, Social Studies, Guidance, Math, SPED, and HAL (High Achievement Learning).  TBA assists on IWBs (interactive whiteboards) and projectors.  TBA also provides support for Google Workspace for Education, Naviance, and Synergy (Instructional Tab).

Don Shirley:  District Network Specialist
Don is a District Network Specialist and the A.D. Guy.  He manages the Active Directory Environment. Don focuses on Windows Server, VMware, Citrix Xenserver, Xenapp, and XenDesktop machine support.  

Shweta Singh:  Technology Assistant
Shweta is the Technology Assistant in Millard North High School's Tech Center and helps students there with any laptop problems.  

Buster Smith:  Technology Specialist
Buster is the Technology Specialist for Kiewit Middle School. 

Kathi Smith:  Technology Staff Developer
Kathi is our Social Media contact/resource person.  She also assists and coordinates staff development in regard to technology as well as New Staff Orientation days.  She provides Administrative support for Better & Better, TalentEd Perform, Staff Development Website, and District Facebook page.

Marcia Smith:  Technology Facilitator
Marcia is the Technology Facilitator II for the Technology Team within Millard Public Schools. She serves on Technology Cabinet and regularly collaborates with the Secondary, Infrastructure, Media, and Instructional Technology Teams.   Marcia's responsibilities include District Mac Admin, MDM Management, Elementary Project Lead, and project lead for Helpdesk.

Nathan Smith:  Telecommunications Specialist
Nathan is the District Telecommunications Specialist.  He administers and supports Desk and Mobile communication devices.  He assists with network support services as needed.  

Shelly Somerville:  Library Services Processing Secretary
Shelly does all of the purchasing for the 35 school libraries.  She maintains and distributes the Makerspace items for our district, orders and maintains the Metro textbooks for our Metro Career Academy students, and purchases all the AV equipment for our district.  She enters, removes, and makes changes to our staff in Destiny. 

Peggi Tomlinson:  Technology Specialist
Peggi is the Technology Specialist for Andersen Middle School.

Jeff Yost:  Technology Facilitator
Jeff is the Technology Facilitator representing the Secondary Level. He also provides technology support at DSAC.  He regularly collaborates with the Elementary, Infrastructure, Media, and Instructional Technology, and Helpdesk Team.  He is responsible for District Level Support for the  Secondary Project Lead and Windows Client Management.

Paul Zohlen:  Technology Facilitator
Paul is the Technology Facilitator at Millard West High School.  He also provides District support for Internet Filtering.