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Tips - Wellness - Smoking Cessation
Tips - Wellness - Sun Safety
Tips for Posture Wellness
Tips to Gear Up for Flu Season
Tips to Well Being - Wellness
Traditonal Health Plan Schedule of Benefits 2020 This schedule of benefits lists the deductibles and copayments/payment percentage, if any, that apply to the services you receive under this plan. You should review this schedule to become familiar with your deductibles and copayments/payment percentage and any limits that apply to the services.
Video - 7 Tips for Health Care Spending (Consumerism)
Video - Aetna Concierge (Consumerism)
Video - Consumerism (Consumerism)
Video - Discovery Benefits - Providing Documentation for Debit Card Expenses
Video - Discovery Benefits Mobile App
Video - Know Where to Go (Consumerism)
Virtual Care Access quality care at your fingertips. How to download the Teladoc app.

Everyday Care
$47 or less / visit
Talk to a licensed doctor for non-emergency conditions 24/7
Flu • Sinus infections • Sore throats • And more
Vision Certificate 2019. Schedule of eye care services and limitations
Wellness Program Details 2021-2022 Wellness Program Window July 1, 2021 - May 31, 2022.

Both requirements must be complete prior to the deadline.
Wellness Program Frequently Asked Questions
Wellness Screening Dates Screening dates for 2021-2022
Women's Health & Cancer Rights Act Notice - WHCRA Compliance Notice. Benefits for mastectomy-related services