10001: Programs of Choice

The District supports the philosophy of parental choice as originally called for in the District Strategic Plan. A program of choice addresses a specific educational need that does not jeopardize current programs for the majority of students. No new program will be added unless it meets a clearly demonstrated, mission-related need; it survives a cost-benefit analysis; its impact on other programs/courses/services is addressed; adequate staffing, staff development, funding and facilities are provided; and it contains an evaluation procedure. Nothing will take precedence over the pre-kindergarten through 12th grade education program.

The philosophy of programs of choice development shall be evident in the Millard School District through the opportunity of personnel, parents, community members, and students when appropriate, to collaborate in the design and implementation of (1) philosophy statement, (2) program goals, (3) yearly developed activities, (4) curriculum selection, (5) instructional methods, (6) staff selection, and (7) evaluation methods through the site planning and School Improvement Team process. Programs of choice will abide within the District policy and guidelines, district strategic plan, district and state standards and indicators and assessments, and function within the budget constraints given.

While fully supporting these collaborative efforts, the Board recognizes its ultimate authority and responsibility for decisions, which impact the direction of education in the Millard Schools.

Date of Adoption
February 16, 1998
Date of Revision
May 19, 2008
March 21, 2011
May 6, 2019