2100.14: Director of Student Services


Reports to: Associate Superintendent for Human Resources

General Summary:  Designs, develops, implements and evaluates those programs and services in the areas of student health care, response counseling services, social work services, and student safety; directs those student services related to student enrollment, placement, attendance, records, suspension and expulsion, and the development or modification of appropriate student service policies.

Essential Functions:

  1. Designs, directs, and evaluates student health services.  (10%)

  2. Develops, coordinates, and supervises counseling and social work response services.  (10%)

  3. Develops, directs, and implements the District security programs protocols, and procedures. (10%)

  4. Administers and supervises procedures for enrollment, transfer and placement of students within the school system, as per law, regulation, and board policy.  (18%)

  5. Administers and supervises the student attendance programs protocols, and procedures.  (3%)

  6. Directs the development and implementation of all procedures regarding the collection, maintenance and dissemination of student records.  (6%)

  7. Develops, directs, and implements procedures for student behavior management and discipline within the district.  (17%)

  8. Administers and supervises the District crisis team.  (2%)

  9. Prepares budget requests for all of the student service areas and monitors budgetary expenditures.  (2%)

  10. Serves as a liaison with community organizations and agencies related to student services. (2%)

  11. Recommends selection and assignment of student services staff.  (2%)

  12. Works with others in the identification and provision of those staff development activities deemed appropriate.   (2%)

  13. Evaluates student services staff in accordance with District staff evaulation procedures.  (2%)

  14. Assists with the development of board policies related to student services.  (3%)

  15. Develops, directs, and implements District drug prevention programs.  (2%)  

  16. Attends all School Board and Cabinet meetings.  (5%)

  17. Performs any other duties as assigned by the Executive Director for Human Resources.  (2%).

  18. Evaluates administrators as assigned by the Superintendent.  2%


1. Education Level: A doctoral degree from an approved institution with a major in educational administration or the accepted equivalent is preferred. A six-year specialist degree in educational administration or the accepted equivalent is required.

2. Certification or Licensure:  Appropriate Nebraska Administrative Certificate.

3. Experience desired:  Four years of successful experience in administration with experience in student personnel services or guidance counseling; three years experience is required.

4. Other requirements:  Ability to supervise student services, sensitivity to needs of students and objectives of the school district - able to work with parents, administrators and teachers.

Requirements Chart



Date of Adoption
July 21, 1981
Date of Revision
May 20, 1996
April 19, 2004
March 7, 2005
September 21, 2009
September 6, 2011
August 4, 2014
September 8, 2020