2100.01: Superintendent of Schools


Reports to: Board of Education

General Summary: Chief Executive Officer of the School District.

Essential Functions:

I. Administers, as chief school executive, the development, coordination, and supervision of the educational program designed to meet the needs of the community. 

II. Recommends the number and types of positions required to provide proper personnel for the operation of such a program.

III. Administers the development, recommendation, and implementation of all Board of Education Policies: 

A. Community Relations (1000 Series) 
B. Administrative Organization (2000 Series)
C. Support Services (3000 Series)
D. Human Resources (4000 Series)
E. Student Services (5000 Series)
F. Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment (6000 Series)
G. Technology (7000 Series)
H. Internal Board Policies and Board Bylaws (8000 and 9000 Series)
I. Site Based Planning and Management (10,000 Series) 

IV. Assumes final responsibility for the selection, assignment, dismissal, and evaluation of all personnel.

V. Keeps informed of current trends and practices, by appropriate means, and keeps the Board of Education informed of trends in education.

VI. Supervises the preparation and presentation of the annual budget and recommends it to the Board of Education for approval.

VII. Attends and participates in all meetings of the Board, except executive sessions of those meetings which are concerned with the superintendent's employment.

VIII. Conducts a continuous evaluation of the progress and needs of the schools and keeps the public informed.

IX. Supervises the evaluation of all principals and all administrators in the District.

X. Supervises and evaluates all Associate and Assistant Superintendents in the District and other personnel assigned to report directly to him or her.


I. Education Level: Earned Doctorate in Educational Administration, or equivalent, is required.

II. Certification or Licensure: Must hold or qualify for a valid Nebraska Administrative Certificate with a superintendent’s endorsement

III. Experience desired: Five years of successful experience in the administration of a school district.

IV. Other requirements: Experience, maturity and leadership abilities in appropriate facets of administration; awareness to the needs and objectives of the District, its Strategic Plan, and the ability to supervise and evaluate the work of others. Demonstrated ability to:

A. effectively administer, implement, and monitor the Strategic Plan;
B. show commitment to excellence in student achievement, effective learning and thinking skills;
C. be responsive to the Board of Education in goal setting, long and short range planning, and policy development;
D. show a strong commitment to student needs;
E. serve as good-will ambassador for the District;
F. effectively articulate and communicate the District’s mission.;
G. possess personal integrity, self-confidence, and concern for people;
H. maintain a climate of high expectations for the Board of Education, staff, students, parents, and community

Requirements Chart


Date of Adoption
July 21, 1980
Date of Revision
September 17, 2012
November 5, 2012
September 25, 1995
May 20, 1996
September 21, 2020
November 1, 2004