2400: Organization and Administration

The Board will determine the policies to guide the administration of all activities of the District.  The policies will be developed with the assistance of the Superintendent and other staff.

The Superintendent is responsible to the Board for the administration of the schools under applicable laws and policies of the District.  If a situation demanding a decision is not covered by an existing policy or rule, the Superintendent or designated representative is empowered to make the decision deemed best, later reporting to the Board.

Each employee and student is responsible for following approved policies and rules.

The Superintendent is responsible for establishing clear lines of authority and responsibility and open lines of communication, both vertically and horizontally. The Board authorizes the Superintendent to create and maintain councils, cabinets, and committees necessary to implement the management team concept and to provide for the effective, efficient administration of the District.

Date of Adoption
February 4, 1974
Date of Revision
January 19, 1998
December 6, 2004
December 2, 2019
January 21, 2013