4405.1: Payroll Deduction - Health, Dental, Life & Long-term Disability & Section 125

The District provides eligible employees with the opportunity to participate in group health, dental, vision, life and long-term disability insurance programs, Health Savings Accounts, and Section 125 flexible spending accounts according to collective bargaining agreements between the District and the organizations representing each employee group, or as provided for by salary, wage and benefit plans adopted by the Board for employees not covered by a collective bargaining agreement.

When full premiums are not paid by the District, the employee shall pay his or her share of the premiums through payroll deduction in order to be eligible for the benefit.

Date of Adoption
September 4, 1984
Date of Revision
February 3, 1992
January 18, 1999
March 7, 2005
November 6, 2017
December 19, 2011
January 23, 2023