4115: Access to Personnel Files

Upon request, any employee shall have access to his/her personnel file, and shall have the right to attach a written response to any item in such file.  The employee may, in writing, authorize any other person to have access to such file, which authorization shall be honored by the District.  Such access and right to attach a written response shall not be granted with respect to any letters of recommendation solicited by the District which appear in the personnel file.

No other person except school officials engaged in their professional duties shall be granted access to such file and the contents thereof shall not be divulged in any manner to any unauthorized person.

The District shall adopt measures necessary to ensure that the confidentiality of said personnel files shall be maintained as required by applicable law.

Date of Adoption
June 5, 1978
Date of Revision
March 16, 1992
December 21, 1998
February 21, 2005
November 21, 2011
September 18, 2017