7100.3: Access to Student and/or Personnel Records

School volunteers and district personnel shall not have access to student and/or personnel records unless specifically authorized or permitted by law. Digital files containing personnel records are subject to board policy 4115 and rule 4115.1, board policy 7400 and rule 7400.1, and the rights of privacy created by Nebraska statute. Digital files containing student records are also subject to board policy 5710 and rule 5710.1, board policy 7400 and rule 7400.1, and the rights of confidentiality created by federal and state law.

Use of technology to store or transmit student and/or personnel data are to follow district policy, rule, and guidelines relating to the confidentiality of students and/or personnel records. This rule applies to files that are maintained centrally by the District, as well as those created and maintained at the school level.

Date of Adoption
May 17, 1993
Date of Revision
December 20, 1999
April 2, 2007
January 4, 2016
January 23, 2023