7310.2: Cyber Security Protection Measures: Password Creation and Management

To ensure security for staff and student accounts the following requirements will be followed.  Staff passwords are not accessible by District Technology Staff.  Staff passwords can be reset by District Technology or by the individual staff member using the portal. Student passwords are the property of the District and will be managed as such.

Staff Password Requirements:
1.    Initial passwords are created by the District. Staff are expected to change this password during their onboarding process.
2.    Passwords must be a minimum of fifteen characters long.
3.    Staff will be required to reset their password if alerted by the Technology Division that their account or password is compromised. Staff failing to comply with this measure will have their password reset by the Technology Division which may suspend that staff member’s access to systems.

Student Password Requirements:
1.    Passwords are created by the District and shared with students.
2.    To change a student password the building administrator will make a request with the Technology Division.
3.    Changes to student passwords will be communicated to the school.
4.    In the event that a student account or password is compromised the student password will be reset by the Technology Division.

Date of Adoption
February 6, 2023