9112.2: Temporary Committees

Temporary committees may be formed to conduct studies and to consider particular programs and other issues that may come before the Board. No more than three Board members shall be assigned to or serve on any committee.

When temporary committees are formed, the purpose and scope of the duties of the committee shall be stated in the minutes of the Board meeting when the committee is created.

The committee shall be established by a majority vote at any regular or special meeting and the members shall be appointed by the Board President.

The committee shall be advisory to the Board and its report to the Board shall be submitted in writing and made a part of the records of the Board.

Date of Adoption
February 4, 1974
Date of Revision
December 2, 2002
July 8, 2019 (Renumbered from 8140)
August 1, 2011
September 4, 2018