2400.3: Line and Staff Relationships


I. Relationship with the Principal

Classroom teachers are under the direct supervision of the building principal. Work assignments, schedules and courses of study are channeled through the principal to teachers.  All requests for assistance, materials, or information will be directed to the principal.

Teachers may expect the principal to guide and assist them in their work with students and to share in their disciplinary problems.  Either may seek the advice and counsel of other supervisors in the solution of specific problems or for interpretation of policy.

II. Relationship with Directors, Coordinators, Consultants, and Department Heads

The role of directors, coordinators, consultants, and department heads requires that they be supportive to teachers and that they assist them in their teaching.  Teachers may expect the supervisor to help them improve instructional techniques and methods, to keep them advised as to better utilization of instructional material, and to provide the assistance necessary to improve instructional services for students.

III. Relationship with the Superintendent

Teachers may confer with the Superintendent on problems related to their affiliation with the school system.  Such problems as assignments, teaching loads, salary, continuing contract, certification, or general working conditions should be discussed with the administrator most immediately in charge of the area and then with the Superintendent.

IV. Relationship with Other School Employees

Requests for other than routine aid from custodians, maintenance workers, clerical personnel and others should be made through the principal.  Any problems between classroom teachers and other District employees should be referred to the principal.

Date of Adoption
February 4, 1974
Date of Revision
January 19, 1998
December 6, 2004
January 21, 2013
December 2, 2019