6262.3: Overnight Field Trip Guidelines - High School

I. Overnight field trips are an extension of the school day. All school rules apply in addition to the District’s Standards for Student Conduct. 

II. Every effort should be made to use teacher or parent sponsors. Volunteer sponsors must be screened according to the volunteer approval process pursuant to Rule 6910.1. For volunteers, there should be at least a one-month lead time to allow for background checks. 

III. Teachers are on duty during the entire time of the field trip. 

IV. Students will be under the supervision of adults. 

V. The sleeping quarters are gender-specific. 

VI. Volunteer chaperones will report any behavior problems immediately to the certificated staff member(s). 

VII. Certificated staff members will discuss the specific chaperone responsibilities with the volunteer chaperones and provide written guidelines. 

VIII. Consideration of student gender should be made when selecting chaperones. 

IX. Emergency contact information will be accessible while on the field trip. 

X. Emergency contact information will be provided to parents. 

XI. In the event of illness or injury, a parent will be contacted immediately so a plan about the student’s welfare can be determined. A designated principal will be on call 24 hours a day during the full length of the trip and will be made aware of any medical or discipline situation. 

XII. In the event of serious illness or injury, 911 will be called and the parent notified of the situation and hospital location. To the extent that adequate staff is available, a staff member may accompany a student to the hospital. A principal will be made aware of the situation.

Date of Adoption
February 6, 2006
Date of Revision
January 7, 2013
September 8, 2015
October 16, 2017