6262.1: Taught Curriculum - Field Trips

Field trips shall be considered as instruction and planned as such with definite objectives determined in advance. Lists of curriculum-related field trips shall be made available by the offices of elementary and secondary education.

I.Appropriate instruction shall precede and follow each field trip.

II.All school rules and the District’s Standards for Student Conduct shall be in effect.

III.Written approval of the parent or guardian is required for participation of students in field trips.

IV.At the elementary and middle school levels, all field trips shall begin and end at the school unless approved and communicated by the principal.

V.Field trips requiring school bus transportation shall not interfere with the regularly scheduled transportation of students to and from school.

VI.For a field trip, the teacher should make the request in writing to the principal at least ten days prior to the date desired. Whenever practical, an alternate date should also be listed. The purpose of the field trip and its relation to the course of study must be stated.

VII.The principal shall approve or disapprove curriculum-related field trips and notify the teacher (if the request is disapproved, the reason for the disapproval shall be stated). If approval is given, the principal shall forward a request for school bus service to the business office seven days in advance of the date requested.

VIII.Teachers or other certified personnel shall accompany students on all field trips and exercise control over the conduct of the students.

IX.When a field trip is made to a place of business or industry, it shall be required that an employee of the host company serve as conductor.

X.Appropriate educational experience and proper supervision shall be supplied for any students whose parents do not wish them to participate in a field trip.

XI.Certificated staff members will discuss the specific chaperone responsibilities with the volunteer chaperones and provide written guidelines.

XII.Emergency contact information will be accessible while on the field trip.

XIII.In the event of illness or injury, a parent will be contacted immediately so a plan about the student’s welfare can be determined. A principal will be made aware of the situation.

XIV. In the event of serious injury or illness 911 will be called and the parent notified of the situation and hospital location. To the extent that adequate staff is available, a staff member may accompany a student to the hospital. A principal will be made aware of the situation.

Date of Adoption
June 16, 1975
Date of Revision
June 28, 1999
February 6, 2006
June 16, 2008
January 7, 2013
September 8, 2015
October 16, 2017