6510: Assessed Curriculum - Innovation/Program Change

It is the policy of the Millard Public Schools that innovation and program change on a regular basis are critical to maintaining a quality learning program for students at both the elementary and secondary level. Planning for improvement of the District’s educational program must always include a) innovative programs developed by the District’s professional educators which are supported by sound educational philosophy and research, and b) the identification and district trial of those programs developed by others which seem to hold promise for district improvement.

The professional staff is encouraged to seek improvement of the educational programs in the schools through all appropriate means, including carefully designed pilot programs of an original nature and structured field studies developed by sources outside of the Millard Public Schools that are supported by existing data or research. Such innovations must be a part of the building site plan and must involve collaboration with appropriate representatives of the Department of Educational Services.

Date of Revision
July 20, 1992
July 26, 1999
December 4, 2006
February 4, 2013
October 7, 2019