6750: Student Fees

The District may require and collect fees or other funds from or on behalf of students or require students to furnish or provide materials, supplies, equipment, or attire consistent with the Public Elementary and Secondary Student Fee Authorization Act.

The Superintendent (or designee) shall promulgate the rules and/or procedures necessary for implementation of this policy. For purposes of Neb. Rev. Stat. § 79-2,133 and § 79-2,134, such rules and/or procedures, when adopted or approved, shall be incorporated in their entirety into this policy by this reference.

Annually, the school board shall hold a public hearing at a regular or special meeting of the Board on a proposed student fee policy, following a review of the amount of money collected from students pursuant to, and the use of waivers provided in, the student fee policy for the prior school year. The student fee policy shall be adopted by a majority vote of the school board and shall be published in the student handbook. The Board shall provide a copy of the student handbook to every student at no cost to the student.

Date of Adoption
July 15, 2002
Date of Revision
April 23, 2007
May 17, 2004
June 6, 2005
April 17, 2006
April 21, 2008
April 13, 2009
February 15, 2010
May 1, 2017
May 4, 2020
May 3, 2021
May 2, 2022
May 1, 2023
May 6, 2024