1100.2: Building Level Program

To increase the knowledge of the community about its schools and the schools about its community, each school shall plan and execute a transparent and comprehensive, two­-way communications program as part of the site planning process. While the responsibility for the program lies with the principal, each member of the staff and community members on the school improvement team should be involved in developing and carrying out the activities of the communications program. The program shall be evaluated annually.

School publications (including yearbooks, newsletters, newspapers, bulletins, handbooks, pamphlets, homework folders, agendas, brochures, directories and other similar print materials and electronic mediums) shall contain the District logo on the front page or back cover.

Promotional materials such as bumper stickers and banners also shall contain the District logo.

The names of members of the Millard Board of Education shall be listed in school handbooks, yearbooks and directories.

Date of Revision
March 21, 2022