1105.1: Schools, Departments, School-related groups

All information shall be released through the Office of the Superintendent except for information about extracurricular clubs, activities and athletics and school-related groups.

All media inquiries and requests should be directed to the District communications office. The District communications department shall be informed when media are on site except when attending public athletic or student events after normal school day hours.

Building staff and District personnel shall not disclose or provide any information regarding the District, its staff, students, programs, policies, events or activities to the news media without the prior approval of the building principal.  The building principal, prior to approving any request for the disclosure of information or response to any inquiry about the District, its staff, students, programs, events or activities, shall advise the Superintendent or designee of such request for the disclosure of information or inquiry.  Upon approval by the Superintendent or designee, the disclosure of all such information shall be coordinated and released by the Superintendent or designee.

All reasonable efforts shall be taken to prevent unnecessary intrusions on the students and staff to minimize any disruption to the orderly operation of the school building and education process. A representative of the District communications department or the building principal shall supervise all visits from the news media made in the school building during normal school day hours.

School-Related Groups - As a matter of clarity, it is understood that school-related groups such as professional teacher organizations and parent-teacher organizations shall arrange for their own information releases.


Date of Adoption
February 17, 1975
Date of Revision
February 4, 2002
January 20, 2020
May 21, 2012