1430.1: Cooperation with Commercial Agencies

Individual schools may choose to use commercial agencies to participate in profit-making activities to benefit the school, provided that the educational program is not impaired, the activity provides a financial benefit to the school, and is consistent with the standards, criteria, and limitations of district rules 1115.1(I), 1340.1(II), 3150.1, 3921.1(I-IV), 6700.1(II)(A)(5)(a)-(i), and 7305.1(III-IV), which are incorporated herein. Permission to conduct such an activity must be obtained from the school principal, except for any activity that is associated with, connected to, or requires a “special project” as that term is defined in District Rule 3614.1 must be pre-approved by the Superintendent or designee.

Commercial agencies wishing to use school facilities to conduct profit-making activities must obtain approval from the Superintendent or designee in compliance with policy 1340 – Use of School Facilities.

The profit-making activities shall not interfere with nor disrupt the operation of the schools or the educational process. Student participation cannot be required nor classroom time devoted to promotion of profit-making activities.  Promotional material for profit-making activities taking place in individual schools may be distributed to students by school staff members only.

The District may distribute flyers and other promotional materials for commercial agencies in the Activities Express newspaper, if such assistance is determined by the Superintendent or designee to be in the best interest of students. The District does not distribute free products to students and staff, except if such assistance is determined by the Superintendent or designee to be in the best interest of students and staff. Any agent or representative of a commercial enterprise, theatrical production or play is strictly prohibited from calling upon, securing contracts or soliciting orders or business from classroom teachers between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. on all days in which school is in session.

Date of Adoption
February 17, 1975
Date of Revision
May 6, 2002
July 9, 2007
February 2, 2009
November 2, 2015