1100.3: Communication with Internal Publics

The Superintendent or designee is responsible for a transparent and comprehensive, two-­way communications program involving all employees.

District­ sponsored mediums of communications will be used to increase employees’ understanding of, and support for, district policies and programs, and to promote a free exchange of ideas.

Employees shall recognize their roles in the District’s communications program as sources of information to external publics.

Employees who create district or school sponsored publications (including handbooks, yearbooks, newsletters, newspapers, bulletins, pamphlets, homework folders, agendas, brochures, directories and other similar print materials and electronic mediums) shall ensure that the District logo appears on the front page or back cover.

Promotional materials such as bumper stickers and banners shall contain the District logo.

The names of members of the Millard Board of Education shall be listed in publications as specified in rules 1100.1 and 1100.2.

Date of Revision
March 21, 2022