3300.1: Purchasing - Goods and Services


Purchasing of goods and services for the District shall be done efficiently, economically, competitively and without prejudice or favoritism towards any vendor. All purchases shall be made in a manner consistent with federal law, state law, and District policies, rules, and procedures.

In making purchasing decisions, consideration must be given to the quoted price but may also be given (when appropriate) to other factors including, but not limited to:

    A.    Quality and reliability of the product or service
    B.    Availability of repair services and replacement parts
    C.    Availability and reliability of product support
    D.    Economy and efficiency which may result from standardization
    E.    Compatibility with the end user’s needs
    F.    Timely delivery
    G.    Compliance of vendors with District policies and rules as well as applicable law

The superintendent (or designee) may develop administrative procedures consistent with this Rule. Such procedures may provide specific steps to be followed in purchasing certain goods and/or services. Upon publication of such administrative procedures, all purchases encompassed by the procedures shall thereafter be made in a manner consistent with such procedures.

In the event the superintendent (or designee) determines that a product or service has characteristics that are sufficiently unique to preclude price quotes from competing vendors, the superintendent (or designee) may proceed with negotiating a purchase of the product or service if, in his/her opinion, the purchase is nonetheless in the best interest of the District.

All payments for goods and services shall be presented to the Board of Education for approval prior to remittal except under the following circumstances: (a) the purchasing circumstances require immediate payment, (b) the district’s payment schedule presents an undue hardship for the vendor, (c) early payment avoids a late charge or results in a discount for the District, and (d) the Board of Education cancels or reschedules a regular board meeting. The preceding exceptions shall apply only when there are no known disputes regarding the claim for payment.

Date of Adoption
December 17, 2012
October 7, 2019